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H202 Hydrogen Peroxide

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If you love the sunshine AND exposed to UV rays for a long period you will have skin cancer or a melonoma as I had. When you go to your dermatologist you will see mostly seniors there for treatment. Ask him (Dr) or her if they have ever had a sunburn and they will say yep, ask them if they use a sunscreen and the one I usta' had said nope, the one I have now says yep and uses spf 85. I use spf50 but after my bout with melonoma I'm going for nuetragena? 85 also. I have used HP and when a little brown spot 4 cm appeared I had it removed and it never spread beyond the mole. I was lucky but if you check your body daily and if you see a mole have it checked as caught early is easy to treat , simple surgery and it is gone. I take HP drops and spray for preventive maintaince. If you don't have it already , get the book The One Minute Cure, awsome cures with Hydrogen Peroxide.

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