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Hello, I want to know what to do to stop the place were I live from smoking, see HUD allow it but also told me that it is up to each management agency on to allow it or not. Smoking [2nd had] is bad & I read were it can get go from apartment to apartment & get a tenant sick, & some did. But after the tenants tell the management this, they do nothing. It is like they want us to die, & I want to know if me as a no-smokier can do something? I am on low income & cannot move so does this mean I am stuck? Thanks & God bless you all 

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I don't know what state you live in but in many states, there is a real push to get non-smokers relief from smokers' smoke. Try contacting your Representative's office. They may be able to help get you some relief through anti-smoking programs. They would help here but I come from a "progressive" state on health issues.

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