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Results of Testing

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Hi, I had a D & C 9 days ago and have not received pathology results back yet. I
called the office and they said it is sent away anad it takes awhile to come back Nurse
said that if there was anything dramatic on pathology they would usually have called the
office right away. Can anyone out there remember how long it took to get D & C results
back? Thank you, Belva

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Took my results 2 weeks....assuming doc didn't have it setting on his desk for a day or so before he called me in that 2 week period. I'd wait and call again early next week. No matter how long it takes we're still a crazy mess until hear the results.

Good luck!

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One week for my results to come back. I hate those pat answers and don't necessarily believe it. I would ask for a call back from the Doctor....keep it vague. When they call back, tell them you want them to do what they can to expedite the results...believe me, they can do it.


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I had my D&C on a Friday and my dr. called me mid morning on Monday! Generally the report is done in 24 hours, but drs. frequently tell patients it will be 7-10 days so they are not "bothered" with phone calls. Waiting that long for the results is not reasonable in my opinion!

You should be able to go the hospital where you had your D&C and get a copy of the your records, including your lab/pathology.

Hoping for good news for you!!


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Hi, nice to hear from you. The reason I believe it is taking so long is that beming a rural
area the hospital that I had it in sends the pathology away to a lab, I believe it is sent
to Harrisonburg, Pa. but I am not sure. I have actually had more pain and pelvic pain to boot when it always seemed to hurt more in the back and hips. I believe it is physcological
as I had to repeat a mammogram and have an ultrsound one time and the breast in question was
hurting and shooting pains and even did so for about a week after I got a good report back.
I believe the body plays mind games with you if you are worried and magnifies your painaseproduces it. Thanks for replying. Please pray for me as I have no insurance at this
time. Took out cancer insurance and it does not kick in until March 15. Belva

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