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MRI and Biopsy Report!!! Help Needed

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My father got the results of a TONGUE biopsy today..in the end it is written that "squamous carcinoma "

MRI report suggested that..

enhancing soft tissue lesion seen in left half of tongue reaching upto midline.It measures 50 x 22 x 28 mm in AP,transverse and cc axis.the base of toungue is uninvolved

Please help me to understand report????

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squamous cell carcinoma is a skin type carcinoma which is what mouth cancers are. the cancer is only one one side of the tongue(reaching up to midline). AP means front to back... transverse is the diagonals.... cc i think is top/down. base of the tongue is the far back of the tongue. hopefully this helps

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Your dad may have already had a consult but next step would normally to meet with 2-3 doctors to discuss the best plan of attack. Most likely choices will be a combination of Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemo. They may use radiation to try and shrink the tumor then operate to cut it out or visa versa i.e. Surgically remove the tumor, then hit it with Chemo and radiation.

I wish him all the best.

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