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Help with Cancer treatment

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My friend has been diagnosed with inoperable, non transplantable cancer of the Liver. He tried Nexavar, which was very effective in shrinking the tumor, but it had some nasty side effects of itching, rashes and appetite suppression.

He was then put on Chemo. The nexavar was 100% covered by his insurance, but the chemo is not. My friend is over 50, lives alone and has a monthly income of $1,500. He has not been limited at work.

The current cost for his chemo treatment after insurance is $3,000 a month. There is no cure for his condition, so chemo is his last option and he will most likely need chemo to control his situation for the future.

Is there anyone out there with advice on how low income folks can cover the costs of chemo.

My friend is stressed over this first billing and I know that is the last thing he needs at this time mentally, so if you have the answer please write back ASAP.



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Dear Randy,

Cancer treatment can be quite an economic burden for some patients, even for those with insurance. I'm an employee of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and understand that there are resources available to help patients cover certain cancer-related expenses, including treatment. The National Cancer Institute is a good place to start as you and your friend gather information. Here is a link that you may find useful:

Resources for Financial Assistance for Patients and Their Families: https://cissecure.nci.nih.gov/factsheet/FactSheetSearch8_3.aspx

You can search their database for organizations that provide cancer patients and their families financial assistance. It contains contact information for each organization listed.

I hope this information is helpful and wish your friend best of luck as he goes through treatment.



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