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As time goes by

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Hi guys and ladies,

I'm 4 yrs out of DaVinci surgery. Still leak a little but nothing a minipad won't handle, still have ED but honestly it was starting long before the cancer. My PSA keeps at the .01 level (that's because they won't say 0).

The rest of my life has gone on as I would have hoped, travel, great family, bunch of grandkids and so on. My golf score still hasn't improved and actually I'd like to have it for bowling.

My dad had this in the 1960's and his dad in the 1920's, What we go thru today is nothng like they faced, cancer could only be found when it was advanced, the surgeries were horrendous and the radiation not very accurate.

I hope all of us keep in mind how lucky we are that it can be found and treated with minimal disruption of our lives.

There is a lot of fear and worry and searching for the best/easiest answer and it will have to be dealt with but keep in mind that of your entire life, this is but a brief passage.

Good luck to all and have a safe trip.

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Glad to hear you are doing well! Best wishes ahead to you. No Grandkids for me yet, just a grandpuppy from Son and his wife...but they are planning for kids some day.

Larry (age 55) six months past Davinci PSA 0

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You wiil love the grandkids when they come They lift me up when I am low .I am sure thats what got me this far plus a loving understanding family and good friends. Its good to hear that life is good for you now {Shane 50 3 months past radical protectomy } slowly reducing the leaks yes pads help . Life is good Shane

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