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My husband was diagnosed almost a year ago with GBM IV, inoperable. We were told statistically he had a year or less. He had the standard protocal of radiation and chemo, and then was started on avastin approx. 6 mos ago. He has been doing very well. The tumor shrunk considerably after the first course of avastin and has stabilized over the past few months. The oncologist was very pleased with the results. However, when I asked the doctor about my husband's prognosis in lieu of the positive results on avastin, he said it was unlikely he would be here in six months. What is the typical results of inoperable GBMIV with avastin? Does anyone have any long-term experience with this drug? The doctor also said that because the tumor is midline vs. located to the sides of the brain, it is more aggressive and will find its way around the avastin.