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Roger Ebert

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The next time anyone tells you Thyroid Cancer is the good cancer, let them say that to Roger Ebert.

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I agree completely! Thank you for saying it!

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I know!!! It is good at first most of the time, but can have recurrence and be persistent! That's why I think sometimes health care providers don't take it seriously. Thanks for the topic Emma

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Wow, when I saw Roger Ebert, my jaw dropped to the floor. It scared me beyond belief. It took me back to the day I was diagnosed and how numb I felt.

It made me stop and think for a few days. "Good cancer" yeah right. which cancer is "good"

At the end of the day, I'm eternally greatful that I'm alive and well!! Nothing to complain about!

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Not to undermine thyroid cancer – as we all know this could have been because of thyroid cancer as well – but i just wanted to say that i believe the majority of roger ebert’s troubles stem from salivary gland cancer not thyroid cancer. Very impressive, inspirational man though!

Here is an entry from roger ebert’s blog on chicago sun times (nov 25, 2009):

“This act of the saga began for me with a call from good Dr. Havey, who had some good news and some bad news. The bad news was that I had thyroid cancer. The good news was that it was the most common kind, which is usually curable by the peculiar treatment of surgery, followed by tossing back a shot glass of radioactive iodine, being isolated for 48 hours and not sitting next to any pregnant women for a month. Enough about that. It worked.

The thyroid removal surgery left me with a slight speech impediment which I tried to deal with by punching out words more forcibly. One side of my mouth drooped a little, and it was recklessly reported online that I’d had a stroke. Diagnosis by video. No such thing.

Follow-up x-rays revealed I had salivary gland cancer, very slow-growing, which had returned after surgery 15 years, as I was told it probably would. I had surgery again in July 2006. Saying goodbye to Chaz in the hospital room were be the last words I would ever speak…”

and it goes on about his reconstructive surgeries…

Posts: 59
Joined: Aug 2009

Thank you for clarifying that. Very interesting!

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