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I am a quarter of the way done....

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I started my fourth round of FOLFOX today.

I know I griped on my second round how horrible I felt, but in reality, each round of chemo seems more tolerable than the one before. I really do think that pre-planning is good. I take famotadine before I get heartburn. I also am taking Culturelle (a pro-biotic) to help with elimination problems that may arise. I also take sennakot if constipation is too bad. My innards are still trying to work since their friend siggy (sigmoid), is gone. They have the hardest time of working well since their buddy's gone missing. I've also found that taking a hot bath will help relax the bowels and the 'rrhoids and relief is so much better. I found this out sitting in my hot tub one night. For the curious ones, I didn't poop in the hot tub. I was a close call getting to the bathroom in time, but I did it!! I also take my ativan on my Tuesday nights when I come home because the dexamethazone is gonna keep me up all night.

My CEA went up this last month. Went from 1.7 to 2.8. Who knows whats that's from. Could be anything, but I refuse to think that my cancer is going haywire. It's still within normal limits. Good enough for me.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are a breeze. Friday... I take zofran early in the morning prophylactically to ward of the nausea gods. I'm tired, and of course oxi (I call it satan in a bag) does some funky things to my bod, but it eventually goes away in about a week.

I've not neuropathy in my hands (always... it doesn't go away), my right thigh and in my face. Go figure.

In essence, my onc said I should be a posterboy for FOLFOX... Seriously, I know others have had it so much worse. I really don't. In fact, I felt so good the last two weeks, I worked my shifts and even an extra one and then my sisters and I partied like rockstars in Sun Valley and I ate so much, I felt like a fat tick.

I still lost weight from my last check-up with my onc, but seriously, I ate till I thought I was gonna be sick.

Life is great. Some are better, some are worse, some are just what you make of it. I'm making mine exactly how I want it to be. I'm optimistic that I'll see grandkids one day. I have faith. :o)

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you are doing great!

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And are handling this with such grace! Yes, enjoy all of the things in life, even partying like a rock star. It is that attitude and determination that will carry you through, not to mention your sisters, family and support! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

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Holly - you are handling chemo just like George did. He had a great attitude going in, good family and friend support behind him and he thinks it made all the difference in the world. It is like I say, one day at a time, one treatment at a time, one scan at a time and don't drive youself absolutely crazy worrying about things you have no control over. Keep going, no matter what. Take care - Tina

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You sound so good and upbeat, Holly :)

Love your spirit and tenacity - you are one to reckon with!

Smiling for your happiness - it's infectious in a good way.


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yourself in this battle. No matter what you're going thru, no matter how bad it makes you feel,you still need to maintain a fighting spirit and faith. Remember, each dose taken is one less to go. I've got three more myself.....We can do it.....Wishing best of results for you, Holly,.....Steve

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You sound like you have a great attitude, which makes ALL the difference in the world! I like the partying like a rock star; life is just so short we have to grab the good times when they come along, even if we are without hair, or not feeling quite up to par! Besides, I found out that partying sans hair gets lots of free drinks! :) Of course, I never drank while actually on chemo, but the hair took a while to grow back in once I was done with treatment! And the grand kids! OH MY! God's best gifts, for sure! I was the happiest lady on this earth when mine came! She is the light of all of our lives! :) I really should update my avatar, but I just love that picture! :) Anyhow, keep it up and soon you will be looking back, thankful for making it through!

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Hello Mary,

I wondered who the litte cutie is; I see is your granddaughter. She is adorable! That is a great picture, thanks for sharing it with us.

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And I get to have her around for Easter! My daughter just told me they'll be able to come up! I already have her Easter dress on order! :)

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Hi Holly,

Good for you! It sounds like you are handling the chemo well + enjoying life. Keep on doing what you are doing!

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Your post brought a smile to my face. That you are tolerating the chemo better each time is just great!!! I admire you for not letting cancer prevent you from seizing the moments. Your attitude is inspiring!!! To meet our grandchildren...another inspiration :)

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I love your spirit and optimism. Cancer hates an optimist. Life is great. Embrace the good and the bad. For me, each treatment brought a new side effect. After a few treatments I began giving out the "Crappiest Side Effect Award." Keep on rockin', - and eating.

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You're doing very well! You can do this!


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Sounds like everything is going well. It will be over before you know it!


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