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Haven't posted in a while

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It's been a while since I have posted. My mom was diagnosed a year ago with uterine cancer that is inoperable. She is 78. She could not handle the carboplatnin because it wiped out her platelets . They attempted to do radiation but that lowered her platelets also. For the past six months she has been receiving low dose Taxol once a week, three weeks out of four. She has been tolerating it well. Her H&H has been low which has been requiring her to receive 2 units of packed cells monthly since November. Procrit has not been much benefit. Now she is scheduled to see a gasroenterologist to see if there is any GI bleeding or involvement. Previous CT scans have been negative. The colonoscopy is the one test she is most fearful about. She is scheduled to see him a week from Thursday. Hopefully no signs of cancer in the GI tract but concerned nonetheless. Any positive feedback would be appreciated during this roller coaster.

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Sorry you have had such a roller coaster ride. Hoping the colonoscopy is negative. The chemo and radiation do lower many peoples blood counts. Hope you Mom is feeling better soon. Take care of yourself, too. In peace and caring.

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Hang in and stay hopeful the treatment she is getting is keeping things at bay.

Wishing her luck for the upcoming Colonoscopy!

Keep us posted on her progress. How is she doing otherwise?


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