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any one have pain in ribs 9 months after surgery

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I had my bottom left lobe removed in may of 09 it is still painful when I cough is this normal should I be concerned? I think I have become a hypochondriac since my surgery lol. any answers would help

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Nanaof7 my mother had the exact surgery they removed a quarter of her left bottom lobe and yes she did have pain for a long time after her surgery. But the positive is it will go away my mother will be 66 in April and she has been cancer free for 5and 6 years. God Bless and Good luck hope this helps.

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...meet another one! LOL!!! I am only 3 weeks past surgery, and let me tell you, the teeny sensation of a sneeze coming on is enough to send me into a panic attack! I can understand your worrying, I am/will be in same boat. I was wondering how long I would have the pain, looks like quite awhile. I hope it all fades away for you soon, Nana!


PBJ Austin
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It's been 6 months since my surgery. For the most part I feel pretty good, but I can still feel it in my ribs. It's not so bad that I need heavy-duty painkillers but I do take the occasional Ibuprophen. Sneezing and yawning do still hurt but it's getting better with time.

Please do not let anyone dismiss your pain or convince you it's all in your head. I know it's very real.

rick devin
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I had the two right lobes of my lung removed at the end of September and still have pain, especially in my sternum and lower ribs. Some good days and some bad, but I just finished eight weeks of pulmonary rehabilitation and feel a bit stronger. It does take a lot of work to get back to some kind of normalcy, but keep on trying, and each day will be a milestone. I do take a pain pill most nights, as I sleep better.

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