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Stem Cell Transplants and Platinum Resistance

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Dear Sisters,

I feel like my blog discouraged some of you because I relapsed as a 1C with negative nodes but positive washings. My cancer may have been platinum resistant. So yours most likely is not. So don't give up on hope.

Just wondering, has any one ever heard of stem cell transplants for our type of cancer? I know they've fallen out of favor but sometimes they do work for some cancers. Just wondering.

I go to surgery for biopsy this week and then chemo again. I think I will be leaving my remission kicking and screaming inside but you know, smiling on the outside as we all do when we go in. Or maybe I'm the only one. Thankful it is there, wishing there was more research for us. So for those of you in remission please do one thing for me: Do something you have never done before and then tell me what you did. That will keep me going!
Love Diane

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Hi Diane,

I am sure that most of you have done extensive research on the internet already, but I spent most of the day yesterday reading various studies on UPSC.

As background, my mother was diagnosed Stage 3 in 2008 and has relapsed Dec 2009 after total hysterectomy, chemo and radiation. She has just had a major debulking surgery and they are trying a course of Arimidex.

In many of the studies I read yesterday, the stage didn't seem to matter...relapses were seen at every stage. Given that, I am surprised that Stage 1 is treated more conservatively. Of course I am fairly new to all of this - it's such a helpless feeling putting our trust in the medical community when much of what I read shows they don't have a lot of answers either.

In any case, I am very sorry to hear of your relapse. I am so thankful that I had a wonderful summer and fall with my mother after her first course of chemo, and must never give up.

~ L.

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Diane, did you recur within 6 months of your last chemo? I think that's what my gyn-onc mentioned as his basis for possible resistance to platin chemos. Even though my remission was only 5 months before my recurrance, I had 2 months of radiation and 1 recovery-month between chemo & radiation in there after my chemo, so it was actually 8 months since I had my last chemo with carboplatin. So I am not considered platin-resistent, although I haven't gone back on carboplatin yet to find out if that is true. Did an oncologist suggest that you may have been platin-resistent all along? If carbo-platin lowered your CA-125 to low digets, it may indeed have been effective for you and could possibly be effective for you still.

Please don't worry about scaring or worrying anyone here. I think we all know how aggressive UPSC is. Most everyone here has faced a cancer diagnosis, and after that, you have your Big Girl Panties on and can face just about anything. And I hope that my fast return to remission status after my recurrence counteracts some of the dark thoughts that we all have when 'one of our own' gets some bad news. I hope it gives you a flicker of hope, too, when you need it most, Diane. Sometimes surprising news is GOOD news; I'd almost forgotten that myself!

I will see if I can find anything on stem cell transplants and uterine or ovarian cancers and let you know. (((((gentle HUGS)))))

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Thanks for your encouragement. I am trying to hold it all together. I can tell my family is wearing out. My daughter just called; she has been out to sea getting research samples and is on her way to upper Chile. We just told her I relapsed. My husband is tired trying to take me to appts and work. I think we are all so very, very tired. I needed a UPSC sister right now; and POOF! you were there when I needed you. Love and kindness can be transmitted through the air now. Thank you.


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Diane don't feel like you are discouraging us when you post about your reoccurence. As my daughter tells me....."It is what it is". I think that we have all heard about the aggressiveness of UPSC and it's chance of reoccurrence. We just all hope it will be a long time before it does reoccur.

I am glad you are going for a second opinion at MD Anderson. That sounds like a great place for another opinion. I know I will be anxious to hear what they recommend, as I have a "slow reoccurence" happening to me. I will compare what they tell you to what my gyn onocologist has planned for me.

I can understand your reluctance to have another surgery, and not wanting to be poked for chemo again. None of us look forward to that. Do you still have your port?

It would be nice if there was more research being done for UPSC. I have not read anything about stem cell transplants for UPSC. It will be interesting to hear what anyone has to say about it.

Now are you taking your own advice and doing something you have never done, and then sharing it with us? I hope that new thing will bring that beautiful smile back to your beautiful face. In peace and caring.

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Don't give up Diane - remember that's why you're going for a 2nd opinion: You do have hope! The great thing about a new eval is that you/your case are seen from a different perspective. Just like looking up at the trees and the sky when you're lining on your back -- it's a whole new world :-)

Stay positive that there can be different options, courses of treatment, etc. Can't let cancer get an edge with negative thoughts. You have such a great smile in your photo -- keep it up!

Thinking about you, Annette

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Keep that beautiful smile going....Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

You are always here for all of us!!


New Flower
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I am very sorry to hear about your recurrence. I have not visited your board since our last conversation in late December.I am wishing you minimum side effects and hope that your treatment will be efficacious. You are a trooper you will beat it.
Sending you a big hug.
New Flower

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Diane, we care about you very much and want to know the both the good and the not good news about your remission. Please don't ever think your blog would bring any of us down. I am so sorry to hear of your relapse...somehow words don't convey my deep feelings of empathy.

I am inspired by your simple but heartfelt request. I find myself creating a bucket list for me....something I have never done.
Keeping you in my prayers Diane...(((HUG))))

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Please don't be discouraged. I love it how you say we go in for our treatments with a big smile. That is what helps us through it. The more you think all will be well, it will be. My thoughts and prayers are with you along this winding road of life. And I am sending much strength to you and your family.
PS Your yard always looks spectacular. Do you garden alot? I live in northern CA and with all the rain we've had recently, I'm finally getting just a sliver of what your yard looks!
Stay strong and know we will be here for you whenever you need us.

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