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Great to see you're back...missed you! Hope all is well with you and your
family. Have you seen The Lightening Thief movie? We haven't seen it yet...

Take care and keep posting...

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Yeah, when the chemo hasn't wiped me out, I can try and post abit. Just the longer I'm on it, the longer the fatigue feels on me, and I have no energy. I will need blood soon, as I lost some and will feel more energetic once I get it.

My kids went to see the Lightning Thief, and told me how much they changed the movie from the book, and I hate when they do that...changed the whole ending, left out alot of parts, so I felt I didn't want to pay to watch something different from what I read, I don't know why they do that, they supposedly did that in "My Sister's Keeper" as well...I never read the book, but the ending to the movie was different from the book as well, and when they do that, it throws me all off, so I'll wait till it comes on DVD, but will be seeing Johnny Depp in "Alice In Wonderland" this weekend! I have to watch everything that man is in! lol...


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