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RFA vs. TACE or other options?

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My mom (70) was recently diagnosed with liver tumor.

Based on the Ct-scan result, it is suspicious of a primary hepatic neoplasm such as hepatocellular carcinoma (the size is ~2cm; in segment 4A of the liver).

According to the doctor, the possibility of it being malignant is 95% due to the high Alpha Fetoprot level (82.1) and CA19.9 (96.3). In addition, she also has a cirrhotic liver.

Prior to this, she was diagnosed with Hep-C and had gone through the interferon & ribavarin treatment (~ 3 years back). The doctor stopped the treatment because of some severe side effect.

Currently, we're given two options by the three doctors we consulted (as surgery is out of the question due to her age): 1. TACE 2. RFA

Any idea what are the pros + cons of these two options? Are there any other options?

Any feedbacks are greatly appreciated!!!

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My husband has Hep C and did NOT do the Interferon treatment. He has 5 tumors and had the TACE in January and is on Nexavar (sorafenib). His next TACE is this Monday, March 8th. When he first started his AFP was 479 and as of this week it's 8.6!!!! We are very happy with the results. Althought the Dr. seems to think that the results are more from the Nexavar I feel it's from both. He has been on and off the Nexavar due to the TACE and some side effects. They don't want him on the Nexavar during the procedure.
If you would like more info you can email me at slf72@aol.com. We are searching for some sort of disscussion group that deals strickly with Nexavar and TACE. If interested let me know.

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