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OPC (grape seed extract, pine bark extract)

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my friend is stage 4 gastric cancer and is starting chemo next week (5FU/leucovorin weekly x 5 weeks). i've heard OPC is really helpful antioxidant to take during chemo/radiation to help protect the healthy cells...so you won't feel wiped out. does anyone have experience w/ this supplement or any others during chemo/XRT? thanks, i'm excited to join CSN b/c i'm a caretaker.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Hica and welcome!
I too am a caregiver for my dad, Ray, 71, survived esophageal cancer and now has mets to his liver. He is now taking chemo for the liver cancer. He has one more day! His side effects this time are much worse than they were the first time he took chemo for his esophagus. Thanks for your tips. Let me know what you find out about this antioxidant. I would love to know what would help the good cells. Keep in touch, and best of luck to your friend.

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