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went to dr. re. new treatment

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I went to my see my oncologist today. I had written a few days ago about how frustrated I was, and that I went all week long last week without anyone returning my call even though I called the office daily Tues-Fri. Won't go into all the details there again, but it was really unbelievable. If I had gone into the office Friday, I would have been livid and would have yelled. Today, I decided that it was definitely still completely unacceptable, but I decided to remain calm and very in control, but to most definitely share how I felt. I asked him to put himself in my position- stage IV cancer with not very many options left, bad scan results, knowing I need to start on a new treatment asap, then to have been ignored for a week and a half to then discover that still no request has been submitted to the insurance. I told him that as a cancer patient, I am supposed to be avoiding stress, but that his office caused me a huge amount of stress and anxiety over the past week. The dr. apologized and we discussed ways that communication could be better in the office. I told him everyone there is really very nice, but that messages must be given, receptionists shouldn't direct patients to leave a message with someone they knew was out sick, etc., etc, etc. I believe things will improve as the doctor seemed sorry and sincere at the end of our conversation. He also said he will speak to the office managers, nurses, receptionists, and doctors' assistants.

The woman I've been speaking to at insurance (checking up on whether the request was submitted yet or not) emailed me to let me know that she did finally receive the request & that she will work on processing it as quickly as possible. I'll let you know when/if I get approval on it. In the meantime, I try not to think about the cancer cells rapidly dividing, but on the fact that I am feeling good, have energy, and that I'll be "in battle" again soon, so I'm wanting to get some projects done around the house this week first.

I actually feel blessed that I am still feeling healthy and strong after all the chemo treatments and drugs I've had over the past two and a half years to fight the beast. I've not had any major complications or infections the whole time.
I love the fact that we can come here for support and encouragement. You guys take care and have yourselves a good week!


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I'm so glad that you stood up for yourself so well. I hope the doctor gets everyone on the same page with patient care.

I do hope you'll get something good started really soon. In the meantime, I'm glad you're feeling so well.


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So glad that they got the ball rolling for you, and that you were proactive with the doctor, way to go!! When you lie down try to picture those cancer cells shriveling up and dying instead of the other way around. Glad you are feeling pretty good too. You have yourself a good week too.

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I'm happy to hear that things are moving in the right direction. I hope your onc fixes whatever the breakdown is in his office. I think that doctors need to be reminded once in a while how things are from their patients perspective. I hope the approval comes quickly from your insurance company. Good luck.


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you are just so inspirational to me. All that you have been through, all that you are going through and yet you seem to be so calm and so together and still such a great FIGHTER! I sit here thinking about my test results (haven't gotten them yet, test was today) and how sorry I feel for me, when you are having to endure so much. Really puts things in its place for me.

Stay Strong Girl, and like my daddy always says, Things will come out in the wash!!!

Have a great week too...


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It sounds like you did a good job of confronting the issues that bothered you about communication at the office. I hope things move quickly now towards a new treatment plan.

Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

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You are an amazing woman! So glad to hear that the doctor listened. I hope things in the office do change as I am sure many people have been frustrated by the office.
I thought of you Sunday as I was sick and finding it so hard to do anything for my family. I thought of you and everything you and everyone on this board have gone through and I am amazed. I said a prayer for you that your strength, courage and faith stay strong as you find the cure your body.

Take care.

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Lisa, so glad that things are now in motion for you. I know what you mean about wanting to get things done while you have the energy and strength...you have to strike while the body and the brain is not battling the chemo effects....

Hang tuff girl, you are amazing!


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Hopefully the staff will look at how things are done and see their responsibilities from a patient's perspective.

Lisa, I feel sure this will get approved and am still praying so hard for you! I so want to hear wonderful news from you.

I'm heading off to Bible Study and will remember you and others during our prayer time.


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Lisa, I am glad you were able to resolve some of the stress all this was causing you. If something you share encourages you - it encourages us. Thank you.

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Way to go Lisa!

You took complete control of your situation + got the action you needed! Good luck with this next step.

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I had your attitude for my every day life :)

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one of my major problems is my attitude I put up with NOTHING . Glad to hear you have taken control remember they work for you if they don't do their job fire them and hire a new group..good luck and keep on keeping on...

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Lisa, you are such a nice person that the Doctor must have realized how terribly they behaved with you. You handled yourself with great composure, and I hope your actions will improve things not only for you, but for all patients under care at that clinic.

Best wishes for you,

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additional stress instead, but you have to speak up(as loudly as you can) for yourself. I've been fortunate in that my three main docs (rad, onc, Surgeon) were/are all compassionate and understanding. Any hassles I've had have been with staff (nurse,technician,aide,etc) were rectified when I went directly to doctor......Maybe now,hopefully,you'll be treated as you should be.....Speak up when you must.....Steve

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You handled the situation like the champion you are. I do know how you have to keep the pressure on people with things like this. When I was first diagnosed, the Dr I had (HAD, no longer have) was dragging his feet and even gave me the "you've had the cancer for a while, what's a few more weeks" speech with regard to starting treatment. Luckily my brother was all over him and made the calls that his office wouldn't make to insurance, to the hospital to set up me getting my port put in, and to another hospital about starting chemo. This all happened in 3-4 days. The Dr wound up calling me to tell me to tell my brother not to call his office anymore. I told the Dr that he was off the case. It is amazing how unimportant some people feel this is when it's not them who have cancer. I learned a lot from watching my brother deal with that situation and now I deal with situations like that better.

I'm glad your Dr seemed responsive to you and your situation and is trying to correct the holes in communication in his office.

Please let us know when you get approval on this. In the meantime, maybe think of the cancer as the breakdown in communication in the office and think of you as the one who is getting rid of the breakdown.

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That's our Lisa:)

P.S. Glad you got 'em all straightened out. "Strength" for the upcoming battle.

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I shouldn't be surprised by how they treated you since it happens to me all the time, yet i am completely shocked. It all goes back to the complacency of our health care practitioners. I had to wait a month to get my referrals put in for a colonoscopy simply because the workers refused to do their jobs, and it went from the receptionists all the way up!

I'm glad you were able to talk directly to the doctor about it. It's stupid that you should have to do that, but it seems it's the way of the world today.

I've been meaning to email you for a week now, but today is the first day i've been able to take a breath. My grandmother seems to be moving into the last stages of her CHF, and things have been just horrible. On top of my own health issues, and battles with the beurocracy, i lost my little dog last week to kidney failure. When it rains...

You hang in there, and i'm sure things will start looking up. Your attitude is keeping you strong! Remember that every time you juice, or eat something healthy, those nutrients are going directly to those cancer cells, and gobbling them up!

Much love,

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