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Prostrate Radiation Long Term Problems

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I had radical prostrate surgery in 2003, followed by 16 weeks of radiation therapy in 2005 and Luprin injections in 2009/10. The cancer appears to be in remission. Low PSA count. THis past December, after experiencing continued severe abdominal/back pain, I have just been diagnosed with Radiation Ententis (?). Beyond consuming large quantities of addictive pain killers, how can I live with this debilitating condition? Anyone out there experiencing the same? Please help.

Brooklyn Sal
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don't know if this is the same but I had EBRT in 2001 for 5 weeks and seeds. about 2 yrs later developed severe burning when I urinated which went to rectum. Had this for 2 yrs and it went away by itself after much testing and medication. no dr. had an answer. did well until april 2009 when i had heart surgery with insertion of foley catherer. when catherer was removed the burning and discomfort came back like gang busters. it is now soooooo very bad. have seen 4 drs. and all say it is radiation burn and nothing can be done about it. do you have any comments or ideas.

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Something else I had not considered- radiation burn long after everything seems to be out of the way. Further comment would be pointless.....

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