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Water Bottles

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I know this is going to sound darn trivial to people who are right in the middle of treatment and so on at the moment, but can anyone advise on "THE PERFECT WATER BOTTLE" one that is good for sipping from when in "high company" or during singing so that it is discreet, and one that is suitable for sports, or any physical activity. With sports I need to slurp every few feet that I cover in ground, and often do when I have just vacuumed a little stretch of floor or just walked up the stairs.

I have tried loads of things over the years, have even tried to adapt a babies sipping bottle top, but have not yet found the ideal one that is discreet, doesn't need tipping up to be able to extract the water from, which makes me look like I am slurping through meetings. Currently use bottled mineral water bottles with sports tops, but they are quite slurpy and undignified (I think)and can see people watching me, wondering why I need to keep diving for some water every few sentances, although in meetings do try to get a glass to put my water in, which looks much more normal and acceptable.Do also use a travel bottle (normally used on for use on flights, which has helped a bit and is much less bulky, but does not hold much, so is for short excusions only. Have also tried the reservoirs you put in your ruck sack for hiking and you sip the fluid through a tube when I am going for walks etc, however find the rubber taste from the tube end makes my mouth go even drier.

As I am from UK, was wondering if the US market has anything we don't. Would love to hear how people get in with this problem as I am trying to get on with my new normal, but want to become a bit more refined over it, so that it is not obvious I have a problem.

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I have been hauling a bottle with me for 13 years and have just gotten used to it. I explain if I am in a meeting but otherwise its just me and my sports top. Sorry but there is no way I know to be dignified when your tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth and you must sip. As you say "welcome to your new normal".

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I usually have at least one of the small 8 oz bottled water with me. If nothing else, water is the "new" health drink so I wouldn't worry about it.

I'd much rather have my bottle of water than get stuck with a tongue that feels like a piece of parched leather....


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I couldn’t use the bottles sold in stores because of their plastic taste during chemo and radiation. I got used to just using bottled water from the store. I don’t get the plastic taste from these bottles. I use one that has the pull out end on it so I just give myself a squirt. I refill the bottles for reuse. Like others I don't leave home without it.


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My daughter wants me to stop using the plastic water bottles and to start using a stainless steel bottle with filtered water from home. It is supposed to be better for you then the store water that sits around for months. Anyway I am looking at using some of the ss bottles from Target or Wal-Mart’s.

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Pam M
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I'm looking for a stainless steel water bottle with a large mouth that is not made in China. Anybody seen them?

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I do not have any recommendation. I have previously mentioned my method to survive and I guess there is no harm in relating them again.

My wife crocheted me a small pouch with a belt loop. A 12 ounce bottle fits perfectly.

Then, I found an alternate solution for short visits to the mall or grocery store. I emptied a one ounce Oasis mouth spray and filled it with water. I carry that in my shirt pocket. I leave my water in the car.

There is a least known TSA regulation that allows us to carry water through the airport security check point. After about a dozen tries, it became a hassle. Each time, I was referred to a supervisor and had to show the person a printed extract of the regulation and my doctor's statement. I finally decided to just carry an empty bottle and refill it from the water fountain on the other side.

My lips get funky looking or very dry. Does anyone have a solution? Those lip moisturizers or chap sticks do not work. I sometimes carry a wet handkerchief in a half sandwich bag to wipe my lips.

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I think this is a perfect solution for hands free drinking.


And it comes in many stylish colors.

As for flying, I get rid of my bottle just outside of security and head straight to either the store or eating establishment just inside security to purchase 1 or 2 new bottles depending on the length of the flight. More costly but no headaches with TSA.

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I have no solution to the question on what type of water bottle to use in the times that you or I might feel uncomfortable sipping a water bottle. Might it be during a meeting or busy with our hands doing a project, etc.

I found that chewing a piece of gum allows me the option to not have to sip water every 5-10 minutes if I am in a conversation. I worked in retail after my recovery. Had to deal with allot of customers during the day. I had my small 8oz. bottle in my apron,one of the Home Improvement stores and could sip as needed. The gum allowed me some moisture for a longer period of time. Pop the gum in and took a sip or two to get me started and it would last a fair amount of time.

Of course, when I removed the gum, my mouth would return to the feeling of a desert. : (

My Best to Everyone Here

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What about a camel pack or fanney pack with the water bottle holders? Just a thought.

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Thanks for all your suggestions.
The one that beats all for originality and laugh factor is Sash's!! My son would love me to go around with this on - but not when I pick him at at school!

The waist/fanney belt I use for dog walking and is good,but still a problemm if you have a dog playing up and you have to get the bottle out to take a slurp. The camelbag is a brilliant idea, and I have one, but I find the rubber tip taste dries my mouth a great deal and end up having to take more sips and then find I have drunk it all in double quick time ( not to mention the impact on bladder). My usual small water bottles are really kids water, and so always have cartoon characters on them here - it has resulted in quite a few glances at work I must say!
Maybe I should just stop being so fussy and stop worrying about what others think of me!

I have occasionally come across extra small bottles of water - usually in conference lunch bags - but seem to use them to death so they eventually crack but think I found one comapony that sells them on the internet.

On the issue of Tap versas store water Hondo, your daughter is right. Tap water also has, in the UK , flouride which mineral water doesn't, so always fill up my bottles at the tap rather open a new one unless the bottle has damamged as it is instant help for my poor teeth. I always find the metal bottles can give the water a funny dry taste, a bit like the rubber, and so have never really got on with them. Before all this happened these things would not have drawn much notice.

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My mom gave me a water bottle she bought off of QVC, its lid vaccuum seals so you dont have to worry about spillage. Its made from stainless steel, and keeps the water cold for a really long time. Im not sure how much she paid for them, but I dont really think they are that expensive. The only part I find wrong with them is the little part that opens to let the water out when closed lets a little pool of water sit on top of it, so just wash it frequently.


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