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post treatment pain and gunk

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My husband is almost 4 wks post treatment... he is still having a lot of pain in his throat and a lot of gunk that comes up with odor. He can't eat or drink anything. He is getting physically stronger.. and the feeding tube is working well ... but I was wondering if you could give me some idea how long this should last before it isn't "normal"

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Welcome to CSN, His treatment has stopped but he will continue to cook on the inside for a while. Everyone is different so the affects are different, normally 1 to 3 months before things start to get better and taste starts to come back.

Take care, keep posting and let us know how he is doing.

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Hondo nailed it.
Me, I suffered through the mucus and associated symptoms for about three weeks. The improvement after that was gradual, but within two months I was eating and back at work.
As always, your mileage may vary.

--Jim in Delaware

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Hi WFL, I substituted milk and milk products with Rice Milk (organic as well) in my shakes etc and think that helped a bit reducing mucus. If there is a strong odor you may need to check there is no Yeast infection (= Thrush) and if so get the stuff required to beat off the Thrush. (See your Doctor)

Don't worry, it will ease and pass with time.

Measure improvements by the week not the day as this also helps get through the post treatment blues.

All the best

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