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Painful intercourse

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Joined: Nov 2009

I'm completely finished with my chemo and radiation treatments. Having intercourse is very painful, I even bleed a bit...has anyone else experienced this after treatement. I did not have this problem prior to treatment.

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Can't say I've had the problem after chemo, but during. Chemo is very dehydrating and tamoxifin ( if ur taking that) puts u in a sort of menapause state. Maybe some lubricant will help. My prob is lack o desire. I have a great husband is all I can say. Hope this helps. Katz

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I found using things like replens and liquid beads before you have intercourse help with dryness. The product can be found in any drug stores and Walmart have the cheapest price. The replens help you stay moisturizer and last up to 3 days. The liquid beads can be used right alway when the mood hit. It work and help you from being dry and limited the painful intercourse. I hope this suggestion help.


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Thanks for the information. I know you need to lubricate but I have not tried the beads.

Thanks again,


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i have only been on tamoxfin for a week and already am feeling pain!!

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Zestra is a also a good product. You can find it online at Amazon. It's a natural product deveoped by a woman. Your complaint is not unusual. Hang in there.


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Hi pgrace35! I researched this subject after 3 chemo treatments made intercourse uncomfortable. I've been using Replens which alone isn't enough to do it. I also use Astroglide right before intercourse and this seems to work much better...
Hope things get better soon.

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I found astroglide to be the best. i don't want to be graphic, but hubby loves it

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