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Please Welcome Coupe35

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Pam M
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I pulled the following post from Mary's So Afraid post. Coupe 35 is new to the community here. I thought Coupe35 might get lost in the shuffle, so am starting a new thread. Here's Coupe35's first post:

Looks like I have this rare cancer. Had the PET scan and one node in the neck and the nasal area lit up. I will be having a biopsy on the node to see what type of cells are there. Why could I not be one of the rare one’s to win the lottery instead of this crap. I will go into a bit more about my story as soon as I make sure I’m doing this computer thing correctly. Here’s a prayer to all of us having the strength to get thru. thanks

Post 2:
Good, my post was answered. I’m new to a computer so I was not sure I was getting thru. Nasal cancer is not my first involvement with cancer. In 1986 I found out I had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was 42 at the time. Went thru 6 months of chemo and went into remission. There I stayed until now (maybe). This cancer could be the lymphoma coming back to life, or more than likely, a new cancer, nasopharynx cancer. I will be having a biopsy Wednesday to find out what it is. You would think that once you had a cancer, you could then go back to the end of the line and wait your turn again for something bad to happen, and since you have already had something bad to happen, your turn should not come up again. Right. But that’s not the way life is. I’m 65 now and it looks like I will be fighting another battle. At least God let me live this long, in that I was able to retire, see my kids grow up, married and have kids of their own. So no matter what the out come is, I’m very blessed for that. But just in case someone up there is listening, it would be nice to see 70. Of course, should I make it to 70, I would be praying for 75, and so on. If your feeling good, there never is a good time to leave this world, is there. I will let you guys know what the biopsy results are when I find out. And Mary, you hang in there. That lump could be the only cancer you have. Those PET scans are pretty good tools for finding cancer. That’s how they found my lymph node and nasal cancer. Thanks

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Hey Coupe35,

Glad and sad to see you here. Sad that you may have a new battle to deal with, but glad
you found this place. I just completed my 1st week of chemo and rads. SCC Stage IV, primary right tonsil. Whatever your biopsy shows know this; The people here have survived this and are here for YOU. take my word for it. If you have a question, ask, these folks will help you. They care about you, and will help you in any way they can. You will be in myh thoughts and prayers.


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This is the best place you can be as there are many here like just you. Some of us have been through the treatment and are living survivors others are halfway and some just starting and we are all willing to help you through.

Take care

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I will post my results when I get them. thanks everyone

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This group has been very helpful to me. Has made me stronger and I know I can fight this. I havent had surgery yet, and dont have a primary yet,so I cant help much but will be thinking of you.

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It sound like you need to keep a positive attitude !!! Do you have any support persons, all I know without my wife there was no way I would have finished. Hoping you have support like that. Stage IV SCC of the head and neck unknown primary. 3 months out now

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Are we talking coupe vs. sedan here. Are you a car aficianado? Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I'm with you, one battle is enough but is seems life isn't predetermined. Having fought the battle once can only be advantageous. Can I tell you your one lucky person to have lived to experience things I'm only hopeful of experiencing. Again I agree with you, have you heard the Kenney Chesney song "Tell the good lord I'm comming but I hope he don't call today"
Amen to that. We're all here for a fight, glad to have an extra hand around. Bienvenido!

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