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Documentary on GM Foods

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Here is the link to a documentary on genetically modified foods and possible link to colorectal and other cancers. It's pretty good, and an eye opener. http://www.slashcontrol.com/free-movies/the-future-of-food/793407002
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I don't think that many people realize how much frankenfood we already eat. It's scary as can be. I'll definitely check this out, thanks Pam

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... its sole function is to raise profits for big agribusinesses ,who still reap subsidies from federal programs going back to the 1930s but are hungry for more, like big pharmaceutical companies.......steve

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it could be that these genetically modified foods reap more quantity and quality so that more people can eat. There are way too many people on the planet that go to bed hungry at night. Would you rather see them starve or eat?

Both sides of my family had farms when I was growing up. Both sides have lost their farms due to the small size (500 acres and 300 acres). If it wasn't for farmers and/or ranchers, would you still be around?

Debbie in Arkansas

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Yes by all means lets run out there and feed the world, whether it's healthy food or not. That way the farmers and ranchers make some money (not near as much as the companies selling the seeds though) and the poor disadvanteged people won't die of starvation. But 10-20 years from now they could very well die of cancer or some new disease man made manipulated food caused. We don't allow cloning of people or animals but we do plants that we will consume..........what's that all about!!!! It's kind of like we don't allow athletes to take steriods/hormones but we allow ranchers to shoot up their livestock and poultry with them so we can ingest them. Not me unless I don't know.

So you say the US governments says it's okay so it must be okay right? Wrong! I give the following stats on Colorectal cancer (CRC) if you want to trust our government's recommendations and eat the stuff. If you look at the incidence rates of CRC in developed nations globally you will see that 3 countries have at least twice the incidence rates as all others. Those 3 countries are Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Now lets look at what those 3 countries have in common that no other county does. They are the only countries in the world that follow the United States Food and Drug Administration guidelines on food (meat and produce). Coincidence, I think NOT!!!

This isn't about farmers and ranchers making money or not making money, this is about being responsible for providing heathly foods and as usual not enough testing will be done until it's too late. AND like most everything else red, white and blue, it will probably all end up being about money instead of what's right for our health and wellness.

I just hope that they are forced to ID ALL of the foods so I can chose NOT to buy them and that would include restaurant products.

Lisa P.

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