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At a loss. continued....

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So I am unsure on where to begin so I am jumping in head first. My boyfriend's father was diagnosed in 2007 that he had colon cancer. I believe at this time he decided to treat the cancer with natural remedies, homeopathic Dr.'s and an organic diet. This seemed to be "working" (feeling better, looking better and keeping a control on the psa levels.)
Then the summer of '09 everything seemed to jump up. His psa levels spiked up by 40 percent and the Dr.'s diagnosed him with prostate cancer at this time. (I guess that means the cancer moved?) Then in November of '09 he was strongly urged to start considering taking radiation due finding out that the cancer had moved out of his prostate.
So, I guess my question is that what happens next if he decides to not take the radiation? What should the family prepare for and just in all WHAT TO DO??
I am under the assumption that when the cancer moves out of the prostate it is terminal. Am I wrong?
Just looking for answers and information. I do not care if it is brutally honest. I would just like to be prepared be cause it seems like no one is talking about this in a serious manner. Am I over reacting by going to additional resources?
So I appreciate all of ya'lls responses and honesty. I was not offended by any of it. I am thankful for all the feedback and feel relieved that I am reacting the right way when i talk to my boyfriend about his father and family not treating this like the cancer it is. I recently found out that he is opting to get a test to see which cancer cells are live in his body and which ones are dead. I do not understand this test. Can someone explain it? I get that if it comes back more are dead than the rest then the cancer is dying. But how can it be dying and spreading at the same time. I also found out that he knows it spread to the lymphoid s. Is this still worth the process of radiation and other treatments out there? I am wanting info from families and survivors so when I bring this up to him I can I have talked to people just like you and they survived and it is worth the surgery or radiation or anything else than waiting. Thanks again so much for ya'll sharing your stories, feelings, and lives lost with me.

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A number of posters here have had PCa break out of the prostate and they were diagnosed with positive margins. Positive margins, though serious, can still be treated with drug therapy and radiation. But there is a stage where the cancer reaches other organs and bones and gets much more dangerous.

The more you read and learn the better for you. And yes, take this cancer seriously.

I wish him the best.

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I still do not understand how people think science and medicine are not the path to follow.

It boggles my mind....there is example after example of people who choose a homiopathic path and it fails...vs. many who choose to believe in science & modern medicine and are cured. Help me understand this...someone.

Randy in Indy

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We have a friend with liver cancer who thinks he knows much more than the docs do by searching the internet. He tried many a 'natural' cure, and now has metastases to the femur, shoulder and ribs. There are many people out there who think that there is a conspiracy for cancer cures to be suppressed so docs and companies can make money off it. I can't believe that or I think I would go crazy...

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I sent you a private message on your email...

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I will go look...was going to ....just started posting here...while am in the hotel up in MPLS

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You've Got Mail

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I also have wondered why anyone would not go the medical route to battle cancer. But as time has gone on, I have hopefully gotten a little better insight into why people do what they do. Everyone is different, some like red, some like yellow. Some like dogs some like cats. Some like wheat bread, some white. Some like boxers some like briefs. Each has his or her own feelings about life.
As I look at all the postings on this site, everyone goes after PC different ways. Some opt for open RP, others robotic, some use radiation, some use seeds, some use hormones, and some go homeopathic. Each person makes what they feel is the best option for them. So do I always agree with the option they choose, no, but they are them, and I am me. I do not know the circumstances that were involved in their decision, and whether I agree or not, I feel I must respect it.
As we all come together on this board – men, women, parents, spouses, sons, daughters, and friends - we openly share our hopes, our sorrows, our treatments, our feelings, and our fears. We often bare our souls, each knowing that we are all in this together, and are doing our best to help ourselves and others. What works for one may well not work for another, but we are all together, and will pull together in one way or another to support each other, and to beat this disease.
I am pretty sure I did not come close to answering your question. I did the best I could, and I sure feel better for trying. I appreciate your posts, and keep them coming;
Dakotarunner POPC!

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Hi I know all too well what prostate cancer does after it goes to the bones as my dad died this way and it was terrible to watch and very painful for him..

Now at 52 I also was diagnosed with prostate cancer had Davinci and so far so good .

6 Months psa still at .05 (same as 0) doc said.

Please if you get cancer get it treated and I mean by a doctor not snake oil medicine. If I offended here im sorry but I have seen and have prostate cancer and its not a joke it can and will kill you if you dont act on it..

No offense anyone and prayers to all PC brothers and all cancer survivors and those going to make the hardest decision in their lives.....Nick

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Like you I also lost my Dad to this disease. He had a Gleason 9 that was discovered late. It sucked what he went through. Now a decade later, I too have PC, but disovered early, low volume and a Gleason 6 so I am lucky. I think the big difference for those with advanced PC is that there are more options out there now than when my Dad had it that can prolong life and treat this disease. The key is to do your research and find the best Drs.



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