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targeted radition "tomotherapy" for USPC recurrence

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I have had "fun" month since learning of recuurence less than 6 months after end of my sandwich treatment (Carboplatin/Taxol Chemo at beginning and end sandwiched with 30 internal radiation treatments and 3 brachytherapy).Had just started to feel like better (except for the everpresent diarrhea - thank goodness for Lomotil) and CA went up (9 to 21 to 179) in six months and PET scan showed lymph node activity near liver, followed by needle biopsy under CT scan that pathology confirmed as the USPC. I just had combined CT/PET scna for "planning" as I am supposed to start 6 weeks of targeted radiation (I believe also referred to as tomotherapy) on Mar. 15th. Since they are letting me squeeze in a four day cruise with my girlfriends for my emotional sanity, I am flying straight from there to M.D. Anderson as I want answers to the type of questions I see here - tissue assays, HER factor,etc as it appears this cancer recurred virtually as soon as the chemo was out of my system.I will spend 4 days there and hopefully get more answers- even though I like and trust my gynoncologist and radiation oncologist, I really like their answer that they had no ego and no problem with referring me to M.D.Anderson for consultation/second opinion as it is my life.
I am curious if any of you have had the targeted radiation - mine will be to para-aortic lymph system starting where the pelvic radiation left out and going up to mt diaphragm and will apparently be higher doses than before but in targeted fashion. Really nervbous about going through radiation again and very much up and down in my moods between feeling like I was hit by a two by four to better days where I am determined to not let cance dominate my life and my days - sure looking forward to spring weather as it seems diagnosis and winter weather have been reflective of each other lately.

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I am receiving treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Can't say enough good things about that place. I met so many people who came there for second opinions and received help. There are some very good, inexpensive places to stay if you need to be there for an extended period of time. I stayed for 7 weeks when I was receiving my radiation treatment. I live about 90 miles from there.

Hoping the best for you, my dear. Norma

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So sorry to hear about the reoccurence and the need for more Radiation therapy...

I know firsthand the effects on the digestive tract from the Radiation. I had the Chimney
protocol, where they started low in the cervical area and finished high in the diaphragm area.

The diaphragm area produced far less stomach upset than the lower....Hallelulah.

I hope you enjoy the cruise and get thru this next treatment phase with flying colors and with as little discomfort as possible.

Keep us posted!


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