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My mother was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma lung cancer stage IV with mets to liver, adrenal glands and bone. She just began chemo 2 days ago and has been sick ever since. I am still in a fog from all of this and feel like I am in a dream, I have so many questions but do not know where to start. Is there anyone with this diagnoses that is willing to talk?

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As I said it is a good place to start and stay in, this will be an up and down journey. You'll have times that frustrate you, other times you'll just break, but through it all you have to keep faith and hope alive.
I am a 2+yr survivor of both SCLC and NSCLC, that has mets to the bone and brain. But there are many more survivor of longer periods here on the site. We can try and answer any questions, but everyone is different and response differently to treatment.
I can say that a positive attitude and support will help your mom and you both, even if you dont agree with what she wants it is after all her decision. As my wife and kids put it, I am hard headed and will just do what I waht anyway. But they have learned that I will make the best decision I can for myself.
So ask away or vent and you will get a response, there are many educated people on thhis subject, but as I have said everyone is different when it comes to this disease and not all things apply equally to your mom as to others.
there is a great support system on this sight, and will benefit you greatly, so dig in and hang on, battling this diisease is a journey unlike any other. If you read my bio you will see I have some experience in this and other issues, But mine is a journey unlike anyyone else will take.

Be prepared when it comes to Dr visits, dont be afraid to ask questions and stand firm to get the answers. Always investigate, but realize that there is a lot of useful things out there and there are some that are useless.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes are with Your Mom, You, Your Family and Everyone...,

Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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Thank you.

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