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The Good, The Bad and You Gotta Be Kidding Me-PSA IS UP!!

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Hello there guys and gals, I am back to say howdy and provide a little update. Sorry I have been away so long, but it's been just a little on the busy side lately.

So here's the GOOD. Lynn and I have finalized the purchase of the dream RV and have taken possession. I am outfitting it and getting ready to start traveling. For those that care about such things I am providing a link to the pics of the unit. If you don't care, don't look, but don't shoot the messenger for trying to bring a little joy and positive attitude.


Well as you all know, I had the surgery (that didn't work) and then I had the radiation. I have finally cleared up from all of the side effects of the rad and everything is back in order except the ED stuff. So the BAD is that it ain't there yet, but we are still working on it.

Now for the "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME". I had my first post rad PSA test pulled today and I was supposed to see the doc tomorrow. A schedule conflict caused me to call them and tell them I couldn't make the appt tomorrow, but I would call for the PSA results. Well the nurse called me and said the doc understood about my not making it for the appt and went and got the lab results so they could just tell me over the phone. My pre-rad PSA was .63 and my PSA today was 1.1.

The nurse said the doc wants me to get another PSA in 30 days. I told her okay, I was not freaked out by the result (lied my butt off on that one) and asked if the doc was freaked. She said no, he will wait until the next PSA test.

So I can only think, Every Day is A Bonus. I am going traveling and if I am back in town in a month I"ll do another PSA test and if not, the test will have to wait until I get back.

So be careful, The Wolves Den, The Wolfey Wagon or whatever we name the 40 foot beast may show up in your neighborhood soon.

Love Yall,

Sonny and Lynn

60 years old when diagnosed
PSA 11/07 3.0
PSA 5/09 6.4
Diagnosis confirmed July 9, 2009
12 Needle Biopsy = 9 clear , 3 postive
Gleason Score (3+4) 7 in all positive cores
da Vinci 9/17/09
Post Surgery Pathology: GS 4+3=7
Stage: T3a
Tumor Volume 12.5%
positive margin, extra-prostatic extension
30 day PSA 0.4, 50 day psa 0.53, 64 day psa 0.6
IMRT completed 1/15/10 35 treatments- 70Gy

Post Edited (Sonny3) : 2/24/2010 4:39:17 PM (GMT-7)

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You and Lynn are still in our prayers and the prayer list at our church.

Keep living your life and when your RV travels take you to North Texas plan on spending some time with us.


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Will sure keep you guys in mind when we start taking the well deserved trips.

BTW, tomorrow my wife and I will celebrate 27 years of truly enjoying each other's company.

Glad to here things are going well for you and the missus.


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We celebrate #42 in a little over 3 weeks. Married at 17 and still together, we literally grew up together, after we got married!

We have a big driveway for the RV and spare bedrooms when you come.


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FROM THE JOHNS HOPKINS WEBSITE: This is because radiations effect is gradual; it generally takes two or even three years for PSA to hit rock bottom.

I'm a nurse and it makes sense that it may take a bit before the radiation has its full effect. I'm praying for you and keeping fingers and toes crossed, load up that RV, hit the road and have some fun!

We have a 29 foot pull-behind and we love to camp. ENJOY!!!

Maria, and hubbie Jesse, dx'd last friday, considering options

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That does look like a motor home to me. Happy travelin' and hold tight on that PSA thing- maybe it is only a little bounce after the radiation?

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Hi Sonny,

I suspect it is just a bump and you will be fine. Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.


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Sonny, you and Lynn continue to be in my prayers.


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What a fine rolling home - very nice pictorial! Take a break and do some traveling You've earned it!

Randy In Indy

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Great to hear from you sir. I just want to let you know that the it is expected for the PSA to go up after radiation. It will keep bouning up and down for a while unitl it hits the nadir point whre it stays there or slwoly goes down. This is not something you need to worry about at all. Enjoy the ride!

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You have got a great bus makes me wanna travel too ,all the best with the psa tests hope you and lynn have a great adventure congrates on the annaversery we have had 28 years off bliss also .god bless and make the most of every minute Shane and Sandy

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Hubby and I have been married 28 years, will be 29 in October. A lot of us on this board have been married around the same number of years. Here's to many, many more!

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