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My Mom - Disappointing News

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I just heard from my mom after her CT scan results and consult with the chemo dr. The dr. said she is not strong enough for chemo. It's a month post-op and the oncologist said chemo was her best chance, so we're disappointed that we can't go after it right away. They are going to try an estrogen inhibitor for now. There is either more of the mass left than we expected or it has already grown, her urethra is being pinched and her kidney is being compromised, they say she will need a stint.

Where is the good news we so desperately need?

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My chemo-oncologist mentioned tamoxifan yesterday as a possibility for me, pending consultation with my gynecologic oncologist. He said it was an estrogen-inhibitor, which surprised me as I didn't think UPSC (a Type 2, Grade 3 cancer) was estrogen-receptive, so for me I can't imagine that it would work. But he did say that it was an 'easy chemo' that often halts disease progression. I pray that will be the case for your mom.

We did have someone posting here that took Megace with some success (not sure of that spelling) which I am pretty sure was a hormone-related treatment. Don't think of these as 'no chemo', but as an alternate chemo, as I think that is how oncologists think of them. The hormone inhibitor should hold your mother steady until she is strong enough to take the carbo/taxol. I had my last 3 chemo infusions delayed each time because my blood counts were too low to get them in the typical 3 week intervals, and many of the women here will tell you they also had delays in treatment. My oncologist would say "We want to kill your cancer; not kill you." And I think it's that simple. It sounds like they have a good plan to stop the progression of her cancer until she is strong enough to try and kill it. Don't give up hope. (((Hugs)))

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Hi Linda, thank you for your response and the perspective. I have been reading your amazing story.

It is Arimidex that they are prescribing for now.

I know they are doing what they think is best. She had some blood count delays with the first chemo also. I know we are just wanting to really go after this.

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