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good news in three's?

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Found out recently that my colon is clean, CEA is way low- my NED status continues.

After worrying all fall and convinced my neck was in a job-loss-noose, my union came to the rescue, they convinced HR to reclassify my job today and now I am sitting pretty dang good for job security.

I coach my high school Mock Trial team- we are now 4-0 and play in the regional final tomorrow afternoon. If we win that, we play in state competition March 9 and 10. Here is hoping for a win to continue my lucky streak!

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What great news, on all three fronts! Good luck on the mock trials.



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Awesome Patteee, what great news. I'm so happy that everything is going so well. Keep it up and hope you do great tomorrow in you regional final.


Debbie (gramma)

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That is so great Patteee! And Job security to boot! Yeah!
And Spring really is just around the corner too...

Rob; in Vancouver

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That's all great news. I seem to remember you'll be at 2 years this spring. I hear that 'C' word (cured) coming up! :-)

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Great news! We have really been blessed. There has been some really good news on this board.

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I'd love to join the teaM PROSECUTING CANCER......sTEVE

Fight for my love
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Cool!I hope you are going to have more and more good news.Good luck with everything.

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Great news! Keep the W's coming. Roger

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Don't you just love it when GOOD things happen?!!

You deserve it, to have some relief from the stresses - health and financial

So very happy for your NED news!!!


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What great news- esp. about the continued NED status.
The job security is a sigh of relief, I'm sure. I'm so very happy about your upbeat news!!

Good luck on the Mock trial competition in March. My husband is a lawyer & will be helping as a "surprise witness" sometime in March on his law partner's day with kids doing a mock trial in court. I had a lawyer come into my 5th gr. classroom a few years ago to conduct a mock trial of a scenario of a kid found w/ pot in his backpack. Would have been interesting if the lawyer had been more interesting. Had a very monotone, dull voice & lost the kids' interest and attention, unfortunately.
Sounds like your students must be older and well adept at it. Good luck!


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I sure hope you win and become the state champs..and AWESOME on being NED...what a great feeling huh?


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I am really happy for you,especially for the NED status, but I was also wondering about your job situation. The mock trial possible win, well, that's a bonus but a very nice one. Coincidentally, my daughter is a substitute for her mock trial team. It is a grade 12 team but she is in grade 11.

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