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A big scare and then a laugh!!!!!

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On my way home from chemo today my girlfriend, who would normally be with me but had to take a mammogram this morning, calls and says they want her back at the hospital to redo her mammogram; she's cryinbg and all upset. I'm five minutes away in a car service so I tell her to wait for me. I get home and tell her I'll go with her but she doesn;t want me to as I have the pump with me so I let her go her self. Some time later she calls and says after taking the second mammogram, the airheads realized that the first time around they were looking at another woman's breasts !!!! Girlfriend"s test actually showed nothing. You can imagine the scare it gave us(wish my first colonoscopy was someone else's!!!!!_)......Iguess this is where "all's well that ends well" comes in .....steve

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I'm so glad it turned out well, but that's crazy- what incompetence on their part! As you said, all's well that ends well, but... sheesh!

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What a bunch of Boobs!

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Whew! Something to be glad about, but it makes you wonder how the mixup could occur. I'm glad it's okay!


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Glad it was all good news, tho Steve. Enuff is enuff

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Breast cancer is a very scary thing for a woman. Thats what I like about the University of Michigan Breast Imaging Center, you don't leave until you get the all clear, you have to wait about 20 minutes or so but the radiologist reads them before you leave. One time, they came in and told me they wanted to do an ultrasound, they did it right then, not two weeks later while you sit and worry. Turned into a big old nothing but I was sure glad I wasn't sent home only to get that phone call. They charge a lot $300.00, and our insurance does not cover screening mamograms, but if you call they knock the charge down to $193.00 if you pay within 60 days. To me, it is $193.00 well spent. I'm glad everything was ok now go take that gal out to dinner. Tina

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I'll get us a room for a couple of nights in Atlantic City, one of our favorite pasttimes. Couldn't take her out last nite as with pump don't feel like doing much tho this morning, Thursday, I went out to walk as the snow came down in Brooklyn-looked so nice til it slushed on the ground; felt like being in one of those globes recreating a snowy scene that you shake and "Snow" appears to fall.Anyway, wishing all hear only good news.......Steve

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