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cola/tea/black/dark red urine

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I truly am sorry for all you have endured and am truly grateful if someone's experience can help me.

41 yr female
Urinating cola/tea/black/dark brown/dark red urine for the last 6 months. Almost on a daily basis.
I have upper ab spasms near right rib cage , flank pain, jaundice, extreme fatigue, salt cravings, severe pain under left shoulder blade including several more symptoms.

Anyone have this? Anybody that can help me I can barely stand it anymore?

I had 1 CT scan 6 months ago - they said kidney stone. (had them all my life doesn't feel anything like a stone. 1 quickie ultrasound 3 months ago - NO STONE.

I truly would appreciate any help!!!


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If I were you I would get my *** to a different doctor pronto!! Maybe a kidney specialist. My GP let me walk around with a tumor for four years because he just thought it was a cyst. You have to be proactive and ask alot of questions. Don't just trust one person! Follow your instincts! I went from something easily treatable to something potentially fatal because I trusted my family Doctor. Find out what the hell it is NOW!! Steve

Frank Fitz
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Totally agreee with Steve!

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I finally have an appointment with a nephrologist Mar 29. My ct also showed multiple bilateral cysts when I had 1 and now have more. Not sure if that is significant, except I am in so much pain some days I cannot walk.
I did receive some blood work and the results are:
Protein/creatinine ratio - 0.20 H / L 0.00 H 0.14
Protein - > 300
RBC - to numerous to count
Feild obstructed by RBCS
Complement C3 - 84 L - L 90/ H 180
EOS - 9 H - L 0 / H 6
EOS Absolute - 0.6 H - 0.0 L/0.4 H
WBC - 12.0 H - 4.0 L/ 10.5 H
HGB - 16.0 H - 12.0 L / 14.5 H
HCT - 50.0 H - 36.0 L/ 44.5 H
No infection
I do have a family history of Alport's Syndrome and PKD.
I also have extreme fatigue and severe itchy skin(comes and goes)and I keep grinding my teeth.
I truly appreciate your help!!!!
Can you please tell me what your symptoms where , how they concluded you had a tumor and not a cyst?

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Kidney Cancer masks itself as many different things, From the little booklet I read in the Urologists office after my Kidney Cancer surgery, 1 in 4 people having blood in the urine as I did has Kidney Cancer. The other 3 out of 4 have something else. Also Kidney Cancer is more prevelant with males between 50 and 70 and I was 59 at the time. Additionally at least for me the Kidney Cancer showed up very clearly on a CT scan. That being said I wish you well in being diagnosed, treated and cured for whatever you are determined to have which may or may not be Kidney Cancer. Although the words Kidney Cancer struck fear and depression in me when I was told that was what I had and that I had to undergo surgery I have learned that if you are unfortunate to have had kidney cancer and you do have the surgery before it spreads that you can lead a full life and as my doctor says 7 and one half years post surgery that I will die of something else. Good luck and keep your spirits up and keep an open mind.

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