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cola colored/dark red/black urine

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I truly am sorry for all you have endured and am truly grateful if someone's experience can help me.

41 yr female
Urinating cola/tea/black/dark brown/dark red urine for the last 6 months. Almost on a daily basis.
I have upper ab spasms near right rib cage , flank pain, jaundice, extreme fatigue, salt cravings, severe pain under left shoulder blade including several more symptoms.

Anyone have this? Anybody that can help me I can barely stand it anymore?

I had 1 CT scan 6 months ago - they said kidney stone. (had them all my life doesn't feel anything like a stone. 1 quickie ultrasound 3 months ago - NO STONE.

I truly would appreciate any help!!!


Frank Fitz
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Sounds like you may need to go to another Dr. I am not smart enough to know if that s/b a Urologist but it sure seems that way. Sorry for your troubles and good luck!

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You need to be your own best advocate and not be afraid to change Drs or get 2nd opinion.

I wish you luck.


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I had bldder operation on the 15 of sept 09. I had a new bladder installed and they hooked me back to the old plumbing. I have to cath myself 4 to 5 times a day. My urine is often times very dark. I have no pain. I would talk withyour Dr. or fine one you can talk with.

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...sounds like gall bladder ruptured ....... or at least blocked hepatic duct ... hopefull not a block in the pancreatic duct

you need to see a different doctor ....immediately ....better if it were 6 months ago
...It is April ...already ...... I am sorry it is so late

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