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New, feeling alone

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I'm 31 and just found out that my freckle that I've had since I was a kid turned into melanoma. Good thing was I had apperently just changed so I caught in time, but I have 4 other spots that need to be watched very carefully. I feel like i did this to myself and I deserved it. I want to find others who are around my age that are willing to talk to me. I just want to talk i guess. I never thought I would ever get skin cancer ever. I'm just so overwhelmed and the drs weren't much help when telling me i had this. argh! and i still need to get more of it removed. Anyways can someone please help me? My hubby is great and all but doesn't get it and there is no way i'm talking to my 7 and 9 yr old kids. They would just freak out cause of the word Cancer.

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Hi Caroline,
I understand what you're going through. I'm around your age and I was also very shocked when I was diagnosed with skin cancer. It is a very emotional experience to say the least but I am so glad you caught it early!!! Please do not blame yourself. I'm happy to talk to you or just listen...

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Hey Caroline,

Welcome to the group. There are many things that folks here share in common, not the least of which is the word "cancer" used in the same sentence as their name. The melanoma I had was a "freckle" on my face that was caught before it had spread. The quarterly checkups I have with my dermatologist are a reminder of how serious it is to be vigilant. Modesty has sort of gone out the window as the doctor examines every square inch of my skin from head to toe with a magnifying glass and a flashlight! That is definitely a small price to pay!

Talking about it, especially with other people in the same boat, is so very important. At first I needed to do something, anything, to take back some control over the situation. I remember in the first month post-op I couldn't help thinking about the scars on my face, and jumped up, left my office, and bought out all the SPF70 Neutrogena spray at WalMart! I used it for myself, and then became a walking Public Service Announcement to my friends and family, giving them sunscreen as a gift from me.

Some friends had no clue about the seriousness of this kind of skin cancer. A few said "Oh, I've had a little skin cancer and they just froze it off." They don't understand that this kind of skin cancer is the one you can die from if it's not removed or treated.

Please reach out to this group. Sometimes it can be a little quiet online, but believe me, I don't know of anyone who wouldn't share experiences or even just be a listening ear for the questions or concerns you are sure to have. Oh, and you are NOT at fault for this, things happen, it's part of the adventure of life.

Life does go on... Make it good!


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I wanted to say thank you!!! So many people could learn from people like you. I couldn't have said this better myself and I consider myself a pro on the subject matter.

Thanks for reaching out!


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Hi Caroline

I wanted to share with you that I was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 28 from a mole on my back that had been there for as long as I can remember. My husband insisted on me getting it checked out and I feel so grateful to him for pushing. It was melanoma and sadly it wouldn't be my last. It can be overwhelming.

You didn't do this to yourself. I have a ton of moles that i have to monitor now because of what happened 8 years ago. I don't want to overwhelm you more, so I just wanted you to know I am here and will listen and offer advice if I can.

I have been battling skin cancer for 8 years, it hasn't beaten me yet!!

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