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Julie 44
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I don't know about you guys (cold weather people) but I have had just about enough of the snow...Again it was snowing all day we got about 8 inches plus the 6 inches on the ground plus we are going to get atleast another foot on Thursday night..I am sore from shoveling and sick of driving in it..Any warm weather people want to trade???? I am very thankfull these new chemo meds don't give me neuropathy..Julie

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Is that the white stuff that comes from the sky? We dont have that here in San Diego. It was cold here today too. It only hit 74F. I almost had to put on a longsleeve shirt!!!


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I too have had my fill of the white stuff this year. Fortunately the last 2 storms have bypassed us, but we still have piles of it around from the 36" we got a few weeks ago.

Saw a funny on the news...a church board which normally would have hours of worship said...whoever is praying for snow, please stop!

Glad at least you feel up to dealing with it...keep hoping for an early spring.


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We got a foot of snow last night. School is closed. They are calling for another big storm tomorrow. The local weather station said that we will probably not have school Thur or Friday. I used to love snow days. I am finding they give me to much time to sit home and worry about things. I am going to take my daughter skiing today. My sister and I will brave the roads to the ski slope.

I will be happy if we have an early spring ! I am looking forward to warm weather and longer days. I think it will help my mental state.


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