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I am sorry for being so lax about posting but I am finding it harder and harder to bounce back from chemo as time goes by. I have already had more than the standard. The last time the doctor checked I was in remission but he decided to give me more treatments anyway. I have just recently had what will be my last treatment at least for a while if I am still in remission. My scan was Saturday and I find out the results on Wed. Please pray or send good thoughts that I am still in remission so I can quit this crap and work on building my immune system as opposed to tearing down. I had a month off at one point and felt great on the fourth week. I need to feel good for a little while. Regardless of the outcome of my scan I am going to take some time to seek second and 3rd opinions starting with Steven Curley at MD Anderson.


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No need to say your sorry. I feel for you. I am finally after 5 months off chemo starting to feel good. Your spirits will pick up during your break from the poison. Keep Fighting. Prayers.

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You will be in good hands if you go to MD Anderson to see Dr Curley. He is the one who did my liver resection last April and now I drive to Houston every 4 months for my scans and consult with him. Not only is he incredibly smart but he has a wonderful bedside manor and is very personable. There is another member that goes to him also and speaks just as highly as myself. And his staff is wonderful.
I really pray that you get to feeling better but in the meantime, if you have any questions about MD or Curley can you can PM me anytime.


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I hope your results are good + you can take a break from chemo; you totally deserve it!

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for continued remission and just plain ole feelin good......Love and Hope to ya son........Buzz

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Thanks Buzzard. You are one of the ones I look up to. No pressure. That just means you have to watch what you type and be on your toes or I may become disillusioned and give up.
I`m kidding. I appreciate your support and I do look up to you but I am not co dependant unless you count the hours I`ve spent checking your background on the internet.
I`m Eric and I`m an internet stalker.

To all of the other semi colons, this is a joke and you have nothing to fear. Stalking is not even my style. I have more of a whatever attitude which may be bad in itself.


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are in my prayers to stay in remission

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Love the sign above your name.

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I know the grind. Hang in there and take that break to regroup.
In my thoughts....


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It`s good to hear from the old timers.


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Hi Eric,

Good to hear from you. Yes, prayers have just been said for you in South Carolina. By the way, I look up to Buzz too! Take care and keep positive thoughts.

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Will be thinking of you all day today and tomorrow. I have Dr. Day tomorrow, will be on the board waiting to hear as soon as I get home. (I hate chemo-I know you have had to deal with it for so long, but it is HARD to keep at it.) You need a break and getting a fresh outlook with a 2nd opinion will help. If you need anything we are just down the road let us know! I am serious!

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That you get a well deserved break from chemo. I am praying your scans are clear! Good for you seeking out other opinions.
Take care. Marie PS-Good to hear from you.

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and hoping you get a break from the d*** chemo regime you've been on. I also hope that Dr Curley at MD Anderson provides some good direction.

Love, Leslie

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Hi Eric,

You've been missed! I'm sorry it's because you've been feeling so worn down. I do hope and pray that your scan results will show you're still in remission! I know how nice it is to be able to get your energy and strength back while on a chemo break. I'm on one right now (ended one treatment that didn't work & am about to begin something new). I'm feeling pretty good this week & I hate to go back on chemo again, in spite of the fact that I need it.
I think if anything ends up being found on your scan, it would be a good idea to go and get the 2nd opinion you talked about & even a third! I finally did that myself & believe it was wise. I've heard lots about Dr. Curly at MD Anderson & I'll be interested to hear about that, if you go.

Thanks for popping in and updating us-

Take care,

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(unless due to real bad reactions but even there, it gives one a chance to recuperate,an experience I'm quite familiar with).Wishing you success at MD Anderson......Steve

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Long time no see... Sorry to hear you're having a hard time with chemo. It's a SOB to get through but I know you'll make it. I've been done for almost 7 weeks and still feel run down from time to time. My legs hurt almost everyday. I wonder what causes it? Maybe the radiation? Anyways... I'm thinking you're still in remission and they just want to give it that extra knock out punch. Stay strong my friend!!!

Life is funny sometimes

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Glad to hear from you! I am always around lurking on the board if you need to come to California for a vacation break let me know, we have lots of room.
Glad you are getting a break. Hugs and warm wishes
Goofyladie (Cass)

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Thanks for the update, take care and we're hoping all the best for you.
And what would we do without Buzzard...and his words of wisdom...he has
certainly helped us through some dark days.

Fight for my love
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Don't be sorry.I truly understand how you feels.My husband had 9 of 12 folfox,he tells me that every treatment brings new challenge and he also feels it takes longer and longer to bounce back.Be good,this is a long battle.You are in my prayers as always.Wish all the best to you and best luck with everything.Take care.

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I know what you mean, i am also looking for a break so i can feel good, it is really excitingbe that your in remission, i really hope you remain this way. I am half way along and hope to there by summer.

Heres me sending you good feeling positive thoughts, wishing you the best, sending a big hug and yes prayers

love, laugh, play

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Julie 44
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Hey Eric,
It is so good to hear from you..I think of you often and I am glad your back posting I miss your humor(don't let it go to your head)I think its a great idea to take time off..We all need to it at some point to regain normal life so to speak and to build our bodies up...Best wishes JULIE

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Hoping your scan remains clear!



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...experiencing the same thing Brooks! I get chemo every other Tueday usually, and my fatigue lasts longer now, really, it taking almost 8-9 days till I finally start feeling like getting out of bed! I don't like living my life feeling too tired to do anything, but I really have to force myself for my family!

You are definitely not alone, my brother!


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I will be praying that all goes well,you deserve a break.Good luck on your second,and third opinions.

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Hey, Eric.

You know I'll pray for you! I do hope you're still in remission and can have a good, long break. I'll be anxious to read what you find out.


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Hey Eric............ I got all this positive energy going in your direction..... Things GOTTA be good.... we got plans dude! the beer is chllin!!! Keep ur chin up cause U DA MAN!!!

Huggs..... Jen

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Thanks to all of you for the support and prayers. I realized that I was mistaken about the results day. It`s Thursday instead of Wed. but I will keep you posted. Even though I have not been posting alot lately I still love you guys and think of you often. I talk about you to my family alot more often than I post.


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Will be keeping you in my prayers for great scan results. Please keep us posted.

God Bless

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I am praying for you to have good results on Thursday and that the chemo side effects will subside and you will feel better.


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...your hemoglobin isn't low...my doctor, who has been out on maternity leaving her nurse practioner in charge now, noticed how low my hemoglobin was, it's supposed to be 11.5- like 15.% and yesterday it was down to 8.8% so it's getting very low, which gives lack of energy, she said when I go back in a couple weeks for my next treatment, and it's down to just 8, I will be getting a blood tranfusion, which always help me and makes me feel like a brand person, giving me more energy, so check on that Hemoglobin :)


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I'll be thinking of you and praying for you. I hope your second opinion goes well and you get your energy back soon. Take care of yourself and rest when you need to.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.



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Holding you in the Light and hoping for a continued remission.

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Thanks for the tip, Donna and thanks to everybody for the support. Tomorrow is the big day and I will post the results as soon as I can. I want good things to happen for all of you and wish that all the small victories each of us receives somehow inspires others who are in need of hope.


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I was re-reading this post and couldn't find the one I sent. I could swear I sent you a message. Can I blame it on chemo brain please. I just wanted to encourage you and thank you for sharing and supporting all of us. I look forward to reading your posts for their honesty and compassionate messages. I think of you often and you are in my prayers. I haven't been posting much lately but come here daily to check on everyone. Pray that everything goes great tomorrow and you start gaining strength. Let us know how you're doing.


Debbie (gramma

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