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My husband is experiencing pain in the arm? Could be the tumor in his lung that is pressing nerves that run all way to the shoulder and the arm?

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Good Afternoon to you both,
It was just yesterday, Feb 22, that I logged back on to this website to read some of
the stories that each of you share with one another. I have not been able to, due to
the heavy heart that I have had, visit this site in quite a while. My dad, my hero,
was diagnosed on Jan 15, 2009 with Stage 3b lung cancer (left lung, inoperable).
He to experienced pain in his right shoulder for quite sometime before it was ever
diagnosed as metastatic cancer. It had affected his rotator cuff. He had already
taken 6 cyles of chemo before this was found out. He then had 10 rounds of radiation.
The radiation did help (a little) in his ability to move his arm again, as he had lost
most of the ability to move it at all. He could barely feed him self. My dad also lost
most of his voice due to the position of the tumor on his lung. He spoke with a "gentle
whisper" since June 2009. He was a wonderful guitar picker, unfortunately he lost the
ability to play. However, he did manage to briefly play the love song that he and my
mom had been singing for over 50 years, on Christmas Eve. Part of his gift to her.
I don't know why I telling you all of this - as I sit here and begin to cry. See he
went to be with the Lord on January 6th, just 7 weeks ago tomorrow.
Please have the doctors check you out thoroughly. I would not want anyone to have to
go thru the same anguish that daddy went thru by not being able to do what they love
to do.
May God in His infinite mercy and wisdom bless you!

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Read your history. I know you're going through an awful lot and I also know that my husband, who has had no where near the amount of treatment that your husband has had, is experiencing pain and sometimes numbness in his left arm. He has had surgeries on that side and is undergoing chemo now.
Last Friday, his CT scan showed a pulmonary embolism that may very well be causing the pain he is experiencing on the left side. He is now injecting himself every day with Fragmin - a blood thinner recommended for embolism treatment in lung cancer patients. Apparently, lung cancer patients frequently have embolisms that can be dangerous as well as painful.
I hope you are able to resolve your situation - my thoughts and positive energy will be with you.
Apple Yellow

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My bf had arm pain. I don't know all of your circumstances, but her's was due to cancer cells collecting in that area. Her arm swelled up also. Wish I could be of more help. Hoping for the best for you.

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Thank you apple yellow!
My husband is using Luvenox (blood thinner) since dec 07, this pain in the arm happened before but he had radiation and it disappeared. Now the pain is back, but we don't have the results yet from CT Scan. He started chemo again (carboplastin & irinotecan). Actually he has an appointment this tuesday March 2th. Thank you for sharing your experience.


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