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Bouncing back

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Hi everybody,
I hope you are having a good day. I am 68 and go for my 9 month check up next week.I finished chemo in May and radiation in June. I still work but sometimes find that I just plain get too tired to finish the day. Is this the 'new normal?' It seems that when I hit the wall, I'm done. Does anyone else have that problem? I feel good but just don't have the oomph I used to have. Thanks for listening.

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I had radiotherapy only, 6 weeks, so you have lost more energy, and was told that it can take some people up to a year to get their energy back. I had ups and downs but initially found that I could not get by unless I had a rest in the afternoon, either to lie down and read or actually sleep. Took about ten months before I felt permanently like 'me' again. I was told not to worry about it and 'go with the flow!' Listen to your body. I am now 69 and 2.5 years well.

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