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Last day of radiation!

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Joined: Oct 2009

Today was my last day of radiation. I have mixed feelings!! One part of me is SO VERY happy to be done with treatment and ready to be moving forward. The other part of me was crying today...I guess I grew close to my radiation tech and will miss her terribly.

I have another pressing health issue to followup on today...I developed a tachycardia and we need to find the underlying cause. Hopefully it's an easy fix and it will allow me to move forward with my plan.

So...today...I'm dancing...I'm done with active cancer treatment and (for the most part)...I feel GREAT!!! Dance with me!!


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Congratulations to you! I have seven more to go! Can't wait!

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Congrats on finishing rads! That is so great! Praying that everything else will turn out to be ok.

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Christmas Girl
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Completion of rads is a huge accomplishment! Your "mixed feelings" are quite common. Rads is the only part of the journey during which we see the same folks five days a week, for a very long time...

Hoping the secondary health issue will be an "easy fix" - indeed, so that you can continue to move forward.

With my best wishes, and...

Kind regards, Susan

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What they said. NED should be by soon to start the dance!!!! Now get the rest taken care of and be healthy!!!
Hugs - Pat

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Alexis F
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Offering a big CONGRATS to you!


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CONGRATULATIONS on completing radiation.....I've grown to love my two techs also. I'm halfway through....

Keep dancing.


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Congratulations, Penny, on finishing rads. It is a bittersweet memory but I'm still glad it's a memory. Good luck on your next hiccup, I'll hope it's easily resolved. Take care and have a celebration today, you so deserve it!!!

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Congrats on finishing rads and wishing you the best for the other issue.

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Congrats!! How di you do with radiatiom? I won't start until after chemo in Jun. I just hope i handle it okay.


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I finished also a month ago.I am happy for you.I was very emotionaln my last day.It will get better.Good Luck to you. (Pat).

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Congratulations on finishing rads! Good luck!


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Congrats you rad grad! I know the mixed emotions part of things! Just as you did before, take it one day at a time. Let us know what you find out about your heart!

God Bless...

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Happy Rads grad. I get it about your tech's. I am going to miss mine to.

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Megan M
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Congrats! I miss mine bad too, so, I see them as often as I can. I actually still see my rads oncologist every month, so, I get to see everyone then. We all became friends and I will never forget their kindness to me. Maybe stay in contact with them or just stop by. I bet they would love that!


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I am so happy for you! Congrats!!

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Congrats on finishing radiation. I am dancing with you. It is a dance much like the one in the King and I. "When we dance, 1-2-3..."


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Congrats!! Get some rest heal up and on to the next step!!

Take care

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Congratulations, Penny. I remember how happy and proud (also tired!) I was after my last radiation treatment. It is an accomplishment and relief.

Like you, I also was sad at leaving my radiation friends. How surprised I was to find that I had grown fond of therapists when I had been so nervous and uncomfortable at first. There really is a bond, isn't there?

I'm sorry to hear of the tachycardia. Please keep us updated. Hopefully it is only temporary and you will start feeling stronger soon.

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congratulations!! I love reading these post I am just getting started but looking forward to the end LOL

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Whoohoo, way to go. I am dancing with you. Welcome, to the alumni association of Grad Grads. You are now a rad grad. Yes,it is normal to miss the team that supported you throughout your rad treatment. Yes, it can be a bittersweet day. Just like graduating from college or high school, you miss the people and the structure it provided for such a long time. Celebrate and look forward.
Good luck with the evaluation of the other health issue.
Hugs, K

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Anyways ... Congratulations all recent RAD graduates ..

VickiSam :D

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