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What hope can I offer Anthony

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Diagnosed in January stage 4 stomach cancer that has spread to 1/3 of his liver and his esophagus. So far no treatment has been done. He was turned down for medical trials and doesn't want to live his last days sick as a dog! We are going to the doctor tomorrow to start palliative care. Anthony is 46! He is beautiful! BUT he lives alone in NC and I live in NY so I can't even help him full time. He wants to take Laetril - does anyone have info on that? We researched it on the web and its his only hope! It has to be injected so we are trying to find someone to help with that. He can't take the pills he is too nauseous even with the meds. Is there some sort of hope or is this it???? He is relying on me to find answers - can anyone help us?????

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Tina Blondek
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Dear Anthony,
Sorry for your dx. I am a caregiver for my dad who has beat esophageal cancer and now has mets to his liver. This is a very hard road to travel. First let me say that since you are in NC, the best place to go in your state is Duke University. Even if you have to travel, it will be well worth the trip. You have made the first step, there will be many to follow, but you will be ok. Go to the right place. Ask alot of questions, stay positive, have a strong faith, pray without ceasing, come to this site daily. I will check in on you. I am 45, just about the same age as you. Keep me posted.

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