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clubbing of fingers

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since this was my only symptom why aren't more people made aware of this, I very seldom see this listed as one of the top symptoms for lung cancer?

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I just checked on the internet search engine and finger clubbing exists in about 35% of lung cancer patients with large cell lung cancer. It also shows up in other situations like TB, laxative abuse, some heart conditions, and some other problems. I didn't know that a case of bronchitis that didn't clear up can also be a symptom of lung cancer. I found out the hard way. I just thought the doctors weren't giving me the "good" antibiotics and that I had pneumonia. By the time I got the PET/CAT scan, I did have pneumonia...and lung cancer.

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I went thru 2 months of Bronchitis meds and very short Breath and finally a second Doc sent me to a Lung Doc, who found the Lung Cancer I now have. The Lung Doc saw me one day and the NEXT day had me at Hospital to run a camera down my throat to find the left lung closed off completely by a Tumor in the Broncial tube. That was 2 yrs ago.

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