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John and Adrian

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I'm a little "out of it" chemo weeks, and can't always keep up with the boards, work and life. Sometimes I miss things - and other times it isn't me, but others just haven't been on the boards either.

I don't see anything posted from either of them lately. If I missed something posted this last week, or anyone has heard from them, please let me know.

Adrian or John - if you read this, please update us. I've been thinking about you both, and hope things are going ok.

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Hey Kathryn, I was wondering the same thing. I havent seen anything from them in weeks.


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they haven't been in for awhile do they do face book ...

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Adrian was on a couple weeks ago. Apparently John was experiencing problems with pain, and they had been running non-stop with doctors, scans, hospitals, well you get the picture. Adrian accompanied John on everything and as he is self-employed, it was starting to have an impact and he said something about having to spend more time on his work thus creating income. Hopefully, they will check in soon. I was wondering the same thing when you don't hear from someone in more than a week that worry sets in. Take care - Tina

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I've been watching John's care page to see news about Adrian's heart that was auctioned off for charity just before Valentine's Day. It was my favorite of all those up for auction. It weighed 400 lbs I think.

Adrian told us that he'd fallen behind on his work while John was not feeling well and their trip after Christmas so he had to spend time catching up.


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would like to see it can u give us the info on how to find it

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Thanks for posting this. I looked for them last night and was going to post something tonight. I hope they are well.
Adrian and John... I am holding you in the light.


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Thank you all for asking about us. Short answer: we are doing fine. February has certainly been much better than January! And thanks for thinking about the 400-lb heart that Adrian decorated for the San Francisco General Hospital fund raiser called "Heroes and Hearts." His heart looked great and got lots of attention, and Visa bought it with a $50,000 donation to the hospital. Hurray for Adrian! My hero and my heart.

I continue to have a pretty tough time with the pain from the sacral met. I had a nerve blocking procedure 3 weeks ago, and that helped to ease the pain for about two weeks. The pain is back now, though, as bad as ever. I'll have another nerve block soon, but I'm also checking into hypnosis and biofeedback. I've heard of good results for each for pain management. If none of this works, the next possibility is an intrathecal pump. (As I'm writing I just realized I should start a thread on this topic, so if any of you know anything or have any experience with these procedures/techniques, please respond to that thread.)

I also just realized I should have been keeping you up to date. Being part of this community makes both of us feel so good! Thanks for all of your good will, good information, and good support.

Much love,


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Thanks for the update.

What an awesome donation for Adrian's heart! Truly a work of love.

Holding you both in the light... Rob; in Vancouver

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Thanks for the update. I'm so sorry you continue to be in such pain and hope they find some relief for you soon. Say hi to Adrian - Take care Tina

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John, thanks for update and I'm sorry that you're still in pain. I wish the pain block would have lasted longer -- like forever. :)

Hurray for Adrian!! He's one of our hero's too!! I bet that heart looked WONDERFUL!!

Love to you both!!

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Thanks, John, for the update. I am glad that February has been better than January, but sorry to hear you are in pain.

Please pass my congratulations on to adrian; that is amazing!

Posts: 3692
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Thanks, John, for the update. I am glad that February has been better than January, but sorry to hear you are in pain.

Please pass my congratulations on to Adrian; that is amazing!

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oh wow
50K is really good!
sorry about your pain John and hoping they are able to find the right stuff to manage it better!

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Thank you for checking in. I have been wondering. I am so happy Adrian "Heart" brought such great results. What a great big, fat, wonderful job he did with his project and including the Semis and great charity for the hospital you both should be proud.

I am sorry you are in such pain, they say that the second and third nerve blocks usually last longer than the first. But every patient is different, my husband and I have had issues with spinal from neck to tailbone and inbetween and each have different results with different type of injections, but usually the 2nd or third last long for whatever reason. Keep moving forward. Huge hugs to to both,
Goofyladie (Cass)

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