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The 800 pound gorilla in our living room is not my brain cancer. The tumor only weighed a few ounces. No,... the 800 pounder is CONSTIPATION. I'm on the 5/23 protocol for Temodar, starting ever fourth Monday, and my bowels won't budge until next Wednesday.

Any remedies that work?

By the way, do you know what you get when you mix vodka with milk of magnesia?
(Ready for this?)

You get a Philips Screwdriver.

Ahh, every day's an adventure of discovery in Cancervivorville.


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    Very funny....
    Love your sense of humor!!

    When I was hospitalized for my lung surgery the train refused to leave the station for 5 days. I felt like I would explode. The nurse gave me a glycerin supposotory and told me to wait 15 minutes before going to the bathroom. I tried to wait but in only 10 minutes the train became a bullet train and bolted out of the station.

    I think you can get glycerin supposotories at any pharmacy. Please give it a try and good luck with your quest to get things moving. :-)
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    Here's the formula:
    Here's the formula:

    Day 1: Take a stool softener along with anti-nausea meds 1 hour before night time Temodar.
    Day 2: Repeat Day 1.
    Day 3: Take one stool softener in the morning and two at night along with a laxative before Temodar.
    Day 4: Repeat Day 3 and add an extra laxative at night.
    Day 5: Repeat Day 4.
    Day 6 & 7: Slowly wean yourself off of the laxatives and stool softeners until your poop becomes normal.

    It took seven months of suffering to figure out this plan. WTF!
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    This was the worst part of
    This was the worst part of the treatment for me. I just finished a year of the same protocol of Temodar. The best treatment that worked for me was basically as described below in the step by step program. However, I found Peri Colace to work better than any of the others. Also, the last treatment that I was on was during a business trip to Washington DC in January. I needed to walk from my hotel to the conference hotel each morning and back at night and found that exercise made a big difference too.
    Another thing that did work, but I found just a little too yucky to do often, was warm prune juice. A woman at the lab drawing my blood weekly gave me that clue. I tried to pretend it was the morning coffee a few times, and it did work, but I began to dread the taste. Although you can doctor it up with sweetner.
    And, maybe like me, you may have a further complication of taking Trileptal. I am in process now of transition to Keppra, but during the past six years on Trileptal, my sodium level has gone haywire and my liquid intake is limited to 1 liter a day -- not the best for dealing with constipation.