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bile duct blockage

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My husband was having lots of pain Tuesday and was becoming jaundice, he was scheduled for chemo but wasn't able to after his blood work came back. He had elevated levels of bilirubin and many other things. He had a CT scan to confirm a bile duct blockage and ended up having surgery yesturday to insert a stent to drain the bile. He's doing better today, his levels are gradually decreasing and his pain is decreasing. He was asked if he wants to continue treatment and said yes. I'm so glad he wants to keep fighting, I thank God he has fight still in him. His last 5 rounds of 5-FU and Irinotecan didn't seem to do anything so I hope the doctor has a plan. Our dr did drop the ball on us when it came to giving him Herceptin, turns out he could have been given it 2 1/2 months ago. I kept asking every two weeks and his dr kept telling me we have to go through insurance then manufacturer, so I assumed it was a process we were waiting to get through. Turns out nothing was done and it was just a matter of finding the program and filling out the paperwork for one of the nurses. He could have started it anytime. Sorry I'm venting, just really upset I didn't do more and just assumed the doctors were doing there jobs. Not a great way to learn this lesson.

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Hi Auntie M,
Feel free to vent. You have the right to. My dad had the same exact thing this past December. He also had a stent put in his bile duct to drain it. Within a week or so his color came back. No longer jaundice, but tumors were found on his liver. He is taking oral chemo for this. Xeloda. So far so good.It is amazing when the drs do not listen to what we are asking for, and then later on say....he should have been on it earlier. Duh!!! I hate to have to self diagnose. Hope it all works out. The stent will fix the bile duct blockage.

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Paul has also recently had liver problems. Things were not working as they should and pressure built up causing verecies (sp?) to bleed into his esophagus. He had a TIPS procedure done which seems to have fixed it. He is now recovering from the time spent in ICU. The Drs. told us that this was chemo induced, not a common side effect, but within the normal range.


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