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I am so excited just came from visit w/onc and he said blood work still good and I start my Xeloda today and go back March 12th right before I start my next round and the good news is it will be my last round I will finish up March 25th....I am happy to be getting off chemo and still being cancer free and all in the colon cancer awareness month must be a sign from up above...I told the girls at the clinic about our million suvivors walk we are getting together and they said they would spread the word there for us...Life is grand....

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We're celebrating with you.


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I know..

I know you are a believer, Lou Ann, so I'm going to say Praise the Lord!

You go girl! God is good!

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Good for you Lou Ann!

Lots of good news this morning!!

Fight for my love
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Great news!My husband's chemo is going to finish at the end of March too.So we will be celebrating around the same time.Take care.

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Great news! Thanks for sharing!

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Life is good isn't it.....and thank you for spreading the word on our endeavor......Love and Hope ,Buzz

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we need to get the word out for our cause this is a very bad cancer we are fighting and we need to find a cure and we need to get the goverment off their butts and get started...

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Awesome! You rock! This is the 2nd time today I've done the happy dance.
Twirlingly Yours,

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Thanks for the great news... Like you said.. It's time to put a end to cancer!!


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yes and I know it can be done we need to push for a cure ...

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There's alot of research going on relating to cancer, tho not enough. The following is just a couple of articles concerning such research thats about to be published in various medical/scientific/.etc publications:

"Attacking Cancer Cells With Hydrogel Nanoparticles"

"Secret Weapon of Restroviruses That Cause Cancer"

"Large-Scale Study Reveals DNA Segments Missing or Duplicated In Tumors, Uncovers novel Cancer Genes a nd Genetic Abnormalties Shared Across Cancer"

"Researchers Discover seciond Protective Role for Tumor-Suppressor"

"Natural Compound Found in Marine Sponges Inhibits Cancer Cell Migration"

"Genomic Map Spanning Over Two dozen cancers Charted"

"Hitting Cancer where It Hurts Using Gold Nanoparticles"

Red Flag Gene Marker May Take Guesswork From Cancer Treatment"

"Nanotechnology in the Fight Agsainst Cancer"

"Fluorescent Probes Light Up Cancerous tumors"

These were all posted on internet on various medical,etc websites in the past FEW DAYS alone.......NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.......Steve

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Congrats on the good news........((hugs)) Peggy

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On the wonderful news!

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Thank you all, I am so happy about it and pray everyone hears the same thing soon

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March will be the end of chemo for Dick too and the beginning of a chemo free and cancer life for the bunch of you! We are hopeful!


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