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Can anyone share stories about their surgery? I am going in next week for a synovial sarcoma on my

jmichael614 Member Posts: 1
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They will be doing a wide excisional biopsy. They don't even know for sure that it is a sarcoma but they said it is most likley. Said they will take some of my muscle. Anyone experience surgery on their calf and how did that go?


  • bwlingatstarlite
    bwlingatstarlite Member Posts: 11
    Kind of similar
    Hi Jmichael,
    4 years ago I had synovial sarcoma in my shoulder and had to go through plenty of surgeries. The main one though (the removal of the tumor) was where they took out alot of muscle and some bone. It went as well as it could go I believe ( since the first thought was an amputation) and now my only problems are some limited rotation. I was very happy with the outcome.

    All the best to you :)
  • dan06
    dan06 Member Posts: 5
    Hi, i hope your surgery has gone well. i am 25yrs old. i had it in my left thigh. they removed some mucle and surrounding issue. the scar is scary (quite big around 25cm) bu the function is lmost all there, just some limited flexibility and i only had the surgery last november. otherwise all is back to normal, i'm running again (though slowly :) after my 1 year old son and going up and down the stairs etc. stay strong, follow your doc guide and b strong willed to gt back on your feet asap. let me know how it went
  • lesslie
    lesslie Member Posts: 6
    for me it was the hand
    I did learn about my synovial sarcoma in the left hand in 2003, at age of 29, as I was pregnant from my daughter. I had been suffering pain in the hand for two years already, so the tumor was removed during pregnancy, and they found out it was cancerous.
    I had no chemio, but five years later the sarcoma has come back in my left lung (pleura), so I went through chemiotherapy, then an operation which just removed the tumor and 10 cm around it, and then 35 rounds of radiotherapy.
    One year later, it has come back still in the left lung, two tumours this time. And I am now enduring my fifth chemio cycle, (still one left) and then it is planned that I have a removal by radiofrequency.