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Craig, any word on Blue Boy?

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I've been watching and don't think I've overlooked any news.

Update us Dude!

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No, you did not miss anything, Diane…I did not post anything about it, I did not want to bother folks with it, so I just let it go...so much going on the board...

But since you asked…

Blue Boy now goes by the name HARLEY.

We’ve had him home for 3-weeks. Upon his arrival, he immediately “upset the apple cart” and turned our lives sideways. The first few days we were thinking “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

He’s very handsome now and growing like a weed. It’s hard to believe how much he is changing right before our very eyes.

Did you ever see the movie “Marley and Me?”

Do you remember the “Tasmanian Devil” in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons?

Well, he’s a cross between those, LOL :) Only in the golden retriever Texas version.

He’s into everything right now and you have to watch him. His intelligence is really something – you can see the wheels turning in his head, but before you can react, Bang – Zoom, he’s gone like a rocket ship.

He’s got very “big paws” to fill – he is not Sundance.

Wow, can we really appreciate Sundance even more now. They are polar opposites. Harley likes shoes, socks, slippers, strings, tags, rugs, electrical cords (chewed a lamp cord) and loves to bite on your clothes. (Sundance never did)

One minute Harley is sweet and gentle and the next…..but he’s just a puppy and he’s very high energy combined with very high intelligence…so he’s a handful. I feel OLD.

Harley is also very “vocal” and is barking now (Sundance never did much). This one likes to “let you know.” He loves to “sing.”

His papa, Jerry Lee, competed in the Westminster Kennel Dog Show 2010 this past week. Jerry Lee was one of the TOP 45 Golden Retrievers in the world competing.

Very impressive…He ultimately lost the GR group to a 5-year old female “Treasure Chest” who was the golden retriever rep in the Sporting Group this year. She had placed 2nd in this group last year, so she is very pretty – she was not picked this year in the Sporting Group...Judges :(

But still, Jerry Lee is in the TOP 45 for Golden Retrievers in the world – and that’s a mighty big place. I just could not be more proud of him and for his owners – he is so beautiful and Harley is going to have his color and look very much like him when he grows up.

Harley is really starting to develop and has changed since the photos I originally posted of him at 5 and 6 weeks – he’s 11 weeks old now and next week will turn 3-months old. His eyes are more open and sharp, his nose is starting to grow, and his back feet are developing and he can now run and jump – leaps tall buildings in a single bound :)

Well, at least he can jump up on the fireplace at full speed. He was climbing upon it last week with his little back legs just a churnin’ – this week he can jump on it. He’s going to be a “counter surfer” before long…

Harley has been really good for Kim – she’s really fallen for him – it’s good to see that change in her…she deserves some good things in her life (she’s battling a ton of health issues and quite frankly, I’m worried).

So, to sum it up, he’s a little $hit, but precious too, LOL :) Harley meets Marley, oh my.

We’re thinking that AGILITY might just be his thing – he loves to race full speed and dive behind the couch next to the wall and come out again. So, tunnels don’t scare him – and he jumps good – and very fast. So, we’ll see how things go as he develops.

He’s healthy and off to a good start. We micro chipped him as part of the contract agreement, and would have anyway to be safe.

Chapter 2 is being written, but Harley has a long way to go to reach the legendary status of Sundance,(he set the bar very high) but Harley's going to be his own personality and who knows what's in store for him…it’s going to be some kind of ride, so buckle your seatbelts :)


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It sounds to me like you are having an absolute ball with Harley! They do grow fast.

Enjoy your Texas spring.(and don't forget to watch the Canada-USA Men's Hockey game on Sunday at 4:40pm PST!)

Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

"A puppy is but a dog, plus high spirits, and minus common sense."
Agnes Repplier

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Missed you on the board....enjoy your new friend. There's nothing like a puppy...
Have fun and check in more often, miss you.

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I can't wait to see the new photos.

Our Scooter sounds like your Sundance. What an angelic and loving but HUGE boy he is. Maybe Harley will work through this quickly. Of course, you know all Retrievers go thru a 'Kevin' stage. Yep.... teens!

Shucks Craig! I'd been watching and waiting and got worried thinking they'd decided on another family. Don't hold back the good stuff! We need the good stuff and the funny stuff.

Here's a smooch for Harley. ♥

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I had my old Blak Lab pup EAT my kitchen table when I was running around for a hour! Her name was Bear and ended up being the BEST dog!! Big head.. She was BEAUTIFUL and very well trained.


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Paula G.
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We had to put down our little dog last July. She was so sweet. She just loved us so much. She was 14 and just stopped eating.

John was checking out shelters to see if we could find another dog. Wanted to to give one a good home. He found her on December 10th. She has helped us so much. She is around two years old and full of needing attention. Dogs rock!

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What strange timing, huh?

I've been blessed with a couple of incredible dogs in my lifetime, and only one who'd come closer to the Marley syndrome. He was a dark golden, and was stolen when we had him at my in-laws while we built a new house. That was probably the best thing that could have happened. After one incredible golden, and one dud, we got a "mutt" who was crossed - purebred golden and purebred yellow lab. Kirby was the most incredible dog. We sat with him as he got his injection to pass on a few years ago (huge tumor in his abcomen - not operable at his age). I needed an entire box of Kleenex last night at the end of the movie - it really brought back that day for me 3 years ago in February.

I hope Harley brings you as much joy as Marley did for the family in the movie. Even the ones that challenge us the most can bring us a lot of love and joy. (Puppies, kittens, children; they all fit here.) I bet once you start obedience training, Harley will be great.

New photos? Like others mentioned, we could all use some good news here too. There isn't much that is more uplifting than babies, kittens, and puppies! A friend sent me a video of her nephew's first belly laughs a while back on a tough day, and it really cheered me up. Puppy videos or photos would be fantastic if you have the time to share Harley with us.

Julie 44
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Hey Craig,
Harley sounds like alot of laughs and yes work...But it is all worth it..When you come home and they wag their tail like crazy at you..They always know when you are sad or don't feel good and they are there just to sit by you and of course be petted..Boy animals are such good company too it just amazes me sometimes how they are a part of your family...Well you know all of this from Sundance he will never be replaced by any dog and he will live on your your hearts forever but now you guys need to make room for Harley to do the same...I am glad Kim is doing better I think of her often..Please give her my best..Take care and miss hearing from you so pop in once and awhile and let us know whats going on ok...JULIE

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Hi Craig.

Happily, I read your post about your new pup.

Congratulations to both of you. You have a new best friend and he has a forever home. It doesn't get a lot better than that.

I was glad to read, too, that your wife is enjoying the comfort of a new member of your family. I know that our pup has given me a great deal of peace of mind during my husband's illness and I hope it is the same for Kim. From your posts, I know that Kim is a strong person but a loving nudge from a family pet can put all sorts of fears to rest at the end of a hard day.

I suspect that Harley will be good medicine for you, too. There is a reason, after all, that so many hospitals and nursing homes are including therapy animals in their programs. The love of a pet is good medicine for a lot of people. With Harley, you have added a new treatment to your healing regimen.

Has Harley convinced you that he should sleep on your bed yet? To my way of thinking, there is nothing better than waking up to hear a puppy snoring peacefully in your bed.

I hope you will post some pictures of Harley on your Expressions Page.


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I am glad you have Harley in your life even though he is a challenge! We have a beagle who is often "naughty" but is a member of the family. I watched Marley + Me; it definitley was a tear-jerker (even though I had read the book!).

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I appreciate all of your comments. I will post some pics of Harley very shortly and let you know so you can check them out.

Thanks for the post, Diane - with all of the serious stuff going, I hesitate at times to say anything depending on the news in the room at the time.

Devastated: It's so good to see you again, too!

Kathryn: Yes, I agree with you - Marley and Me was a tear jerker - we had no idea of what was going to happen. We like dog movies and thought this would be good, I did not read the book or anything and Labs are the Golden's cousin, and he was cute, so I thought great night.

Now, we watched the movie not too long after we put Sundance down - that last day and the final hours watching him fade away before the vet arrived at the house was very difficult to say the least. I remember watching him going to sleep and his eyes close shut and all I could do was sit there and hold him - when the vet put the other drug in him and I watched his chest stop heaving, I was in disbelief - he died in my lap - and part of me died with him that afternoon - I swore I'd never do this again - just too difficult.

So, when that part of the movie came around, it was too fresh, too raw, too real - we cried uncontrollably watching that. I WILL NEVER watch Marley and Me again...I just can't.

I think the Labs they used in that movie should have won Oscars for Best Actors - they played the part perfectly and you're right, it was just like re-living it all over again - they had the "sick look" and they "passed away" just like Sundance did. Oh, man - I can really relate to what you are saying. A great movie, but just too much for me at the end.

Julie: Thank you for your post, good to see you too! You are right too, that we have to honor Sundance's memory and find room now for Harley to make his mark in our lives and be the special personality that he is now and will become. (actually he's made "his mark" in the house, LOL :) And thanks about Kim - I'll tell her you said hello.

Hatsepshut: So nice to see you again too! Our new "CareGiver" in training is with us now and he has already been so good for Kim - to hear her talking and laughing with Harley has been a great comfort - she really needed this, which is why I pursued it - it took over 9 months to make it happen and really we owe a big thanks to the owners for selecting us to have him. And he'll have a forever home and you're right, it does not get much better than that. We're looking forward to Spring, where we can all get out some...we have not been outside in our yard for leisure since Sundance passed - the house and yard just dead to us, as everywhere I looked I saw that "golden" Sundance in our lives - it's been very difficult to move forward, but Harley will get us there, one way or the other.

Rob: Good to hear from you - as I watch the Olympics, I think of you and all of my Canadien friends. But remember you are a "Southern Boy" by birth, never forget that :) Thanks for your post.

Paula: I'm so glad that you and JR decided to get another puppy too - they certainly make life interesting when they are puppies - I look forward to adulthood.

Brooks: I can relate to your story - he's not eaten a table yet, but it's early. He's howling right now, so gotta run. Thanks for posting.

Say HI to Misty for me :)

Thanks again everyone - Craig

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I can so relate. Only ours was a cat, Kitty, we adopted her had her 22 years and when I held her in my arms as they administered the shot, my heart just broke. Well several months later along came Simon. Another stray that needed a home. Kitty was ultra mellow, Simon ran at breakneck speed. We have had him about 8 years now and there is nothing I would not do for him. He has always been my cat, would even sit in the kitchen sink when I got dinner together but when George was diagnosed, all of a sudden he knew, cuddled with George 24/7. Somehow, these silly pets just grab your heart, twist it around, and are officially 100% family. Tina

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