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do you ever dream of the ones you lost?

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both of my grandmothers died. my moms mom and my dads mom and both from breast cancer. one died when i was almost ten and the other almost two years ago. I have had dreams about both of them. but the only one i can remeber of my grandma who died when younger was the day before my other grandma died. which i always find a bit strange. we were sitting on a bed talking about something i dont remeber. but my other grandma the one who passed away almost two years ago i have dreams about often. the weird thing is that i like it when i have dreams with her in them because it seems like we are actually together again. in my dream i know she is dead and i tell her i miss her and how i wish she could come back and she usually always says that she loves me and goodbye. and we hug and i wake up. i was wondering if anyone else has dreams about love ones they have lost and if so how do you feel when you have them?

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First and foremost let me give my condolences for your losses. I too have lost many to cancer, and I too have had quite realistic dreams of them. Once while dreaming of my Mom I awoke and would swear I could smell her as she always wore the same perfume and had a lovely scent. I personally choose to believe this is one way for them to visit us without scaring the day lights out of us. Enjoy your dreams and enjoy the peace they bring to you.


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thanks for sharing that with me. :) i feel the same way about the dreams.

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My mother passed away many years ago and every now and then I have a dream about her. It is never when she was sick with cancer but always before the cancer. The people we love die, but the memories of those we love never dies.

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in my dreams my grandmother looks they way she was before she was sick as well. thanks for sharing your story with me :)

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I have had dreams of my family who has passed on. Recently I had a couple of my grandmother and in both she was protecting me from evil. After my mom died I had one where she didn't know she had died and I told her. It was very upsetting to me because my siblings were all in the dream too but wouldn't tell her. I also had one of my sister-in-law. I had asked her a question and she answered me that night in a dream. I was mad about the answer because it wasn't what I wanted to hear.

Dreams that I think are important I write down. I usually run through it before getting up to set it in memory and then get a pencil and paper and write it down. Some people keep paper and pencil by the bed so they can write it down sooner.

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Glenna M
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I have lost many family members over the years but I have dreams, at least once a week, about my mother and one of my brothers who died in 2008 from lung cancer. I am the youngest of 8 children and was always my mothers "baby", my brother was the oldest and was always there for me when I needed help. I believe I am dreaming about them as this is their way of letting me know that they are still with me and they are helping me through my battle with cancer. It gives me comfort and strength to feel they are still watching over me.

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I do not often dream about people very close to me. I rarely dream about my kids and they mean the world to me.
Dreams are interesting....I think we can learn a lot from them at times

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I am sorry your husband is not alive and on earth any longer. Please remember that he
is not in your pass but in your future.

I don't like to use the word loss.Our loved ones are not loss. We no where they are in heaven waiting for us. So Gracie look to the future and no that your husband is very much alive and
waiting for you to join him.

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My sister died a few years ago, and I never really knew for sure if she was saved or not. After she had passed, I had a dream where she came and told me that she had made it. It was a dream unlike any other dream I had had. It was real, as if she had actually come to me to let me know she was in Heaven and it was okay. So, I do believe in dreams. In fact, dreams are mentioned in the Bible.

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Nana b
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I have not had many in my life that have passed.

I did dream of my grandson once but that was a long time ago. I know that I have been able to dream about something with the power of suggestion but don't know if the dream came to me or if I directed it in my sleep. I have been able to dream for a week on a dream that continually took off right where it last left off.

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