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do you ever dream of the ones you lost?

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both of my grandmothers died. my moms mom and my dads mom and both from breast cancer. one died when i was almost ten and the other almost two years ago. I have had dreams about both of them. but the only one i can remeber of my grandma who died when younger was the day before my other grandma died. which i always find a bit strange. we were sitting on a bed talking about something i dont remeber. but my other grandma the one who passed away almost two years ago i have dreams about often. the weird thing is that i like it when i have dreams with her in them because it seems like we are actually together again. in my dream i know she is dead and i tell her i miss her and how i wish she could come back and she usually always says that she loves me and goodbye. and we hug and i wake up. i was wondering if anyone else has dreams about love ones they have lost and if so how do you feel when you have them?

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I dreamed about my mom last night !

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My husband visits me in dreams regularly. He is in my thoughts constantly, so I guess that's not surprising. He died 4 months ago yesterday. His continuing presence in my life as I deal with his physical absence is a real blessing. Fay

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My husband died 6 months ago... I hadn't dreamed of him at all since his death until about a month ago. The dreams vary... in some he is fine and we are doing everyday things... in others the dreams are related to his illness and near death. These dreams (the illness and near death) are tremendously hard. I find that for days I have thoughts about the few days preceeding his death and the things that happened the night that he died. I saw things that in hindsight I wish I hadn't.

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I too am just now dreaming about my husband who has been gone for 5 months. I have very vivid dreams which I never had before. I dreamed several times that I have tried to get to my husband and his brother won't let me near him. I try and try but I can't get around the brother. My oldest son and step son have each of my arms and won't let me go. I get very mad and wake up sweating and very tired. My husband doesn't have a brother which for me doesn't make sense. Not sure why I am dreaming now but it is hard to go though as you know. Man this whole thing is so hard to experience let alone dealing with our four kids and being alone. I guess knowing others are dealing with some of the same things I am going through helps just gettting through. Here for you. Haley

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My mother has been gone for 9 years and I still have dreams of her. The most vivid one I remember was odd and painful. I had a dream that my mother and I spent the day together talking and cooking in our kitchen I grew up in. I took pictures of us spending time together and it was the happiest moment of my life. Later in the dream I went to show a friend the pictures of me and my mom. He looked at me strangely and I took the pictures from him and when I looked at them in all the pictures she was not there and I was by myself.
Perhaps it's symbolism that she is there even when I do not see her and I have still have not figured that one out. Despite the despair and sadness I felt when I had this dream it makes me smile to know that although she is gone we had a great day together.

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husband has been gone for 14 months but no dreams yet i am waiting .


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