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I was sent this link because I'd asked a question about Novalis when it first was mentioned under a thread on another forum several weeks ago. Not sure if this has been shared here. :-)


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John posted info on this (snonmintj- forgot the sp of his avatar).

Always good to get the info out there again, though! He had told me that there is a newly opened novalis radiosurgery center near me now in Escondido, CA. I inquired there and sounds really promising with how they can actually shape the radiation beam to the exact shape of the targeted tumor- amazing. I'm not a candidate for it in my lungs, though, because of too many small and widespread tiny tumors throughout my lungs. I've now got 4 1 cm new spots in my liver and I guess I could be a candidate for it in the liver, but because of the increase in growth and uptake in the lungs, I'm going to do chemo or a clinical trial first. I suppose if that doesn't work, I could try the novalis on the liver and/or rectum. Don't know about the lungs. I'm up to Los Angeles later today (and leaving there about 5 p.m. to drive home in fun L.A. traffic for about 3 hrs- I'll share how that goes later tonight or tomorrow).

Thanks for always sharing what you hear-

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