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Informational Post: Internet Privacy

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I just wanted to bring attention about privacy on the internet. If you put your name pretty much ANYWHERE on ANY page on a website or if you are part of a group that publishes online PDFs or documents of meetings, the chances are very good that some info about you will show up in a search. I'm sure that many of you already know this but there could be ones out there that do not.

Give it a shot, you may be surprised what you will find about yourself that everyone has access to.

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Also, if you use the same username on more than one forum, you can be checked out. Let's say you post here and also post on the 'Boy Does Hubby Need Viagra' forum.... Uh Oh!

I was looking up a house across from us for our middle son and his wife who are house shopping. An odd website popped up that offered info on the house. Seemed like a lot of info so I inserted MY address and it brought up a layout of the inside of my house, picture of the outside, how much we paid, how much our taxes are, both our names, contact info, who built the house. We were the first owners but on the house across the street, we could see who'd gone into foreclosure, who'd had 'mom' co-sign, etc. Weird!

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Google Earth is another cool site where you can see your house from satellite imagery. Not INSIDE your house but the outside area. Yes, Zillow.com does the house info as do many other sites I'd image. Kind of scary but if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to hide. Is is like Big Brother is watching us. I know there are numerous cameras outside in NYC that have helped solve crimes. That's GREAT!

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Man that is scary to think we are that see through here on the internet I never gave it a thought but am now thanks guys...

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I remembered it began with a Z but that's all I remembered. LOL

Whew, glad you can't see my dust! :-D

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You can find out anything you want to know about a property in the city records on line. If you go to the property tax part, you can find out any owner, price paid, square footage, taxes, foreclosure, if they are late on taxes. You can look up anything on a particular house anywhere. Cyberhomes is another site, just put in an address and usually pictures pop up, you can use your mouse to look at the homes next door, across the street. Tina

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I looked myself up and found several newspaper articles including some from the NY Times. I'd attended a protest rally when a Connecticut democrat cut funding to the AIDS programs. In 1994! Big Brother WAS watching you. LOL!

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My neighbor called just yesterday and told me to go upstairs and check on my 15 year old, he said that he was looking at magazines he shouldn't be.....he said he saw it on Google Earth when he zoomed in on my house through my sons upstairs window....scary huh ? I told him not to worry though...I gave him the books.....:)LOL.....

Sorry, my attempt at a bad joke.....

If big bro is watching me all he sees for the most part is me scratching at home what I can't in public....hehe.......Im gettin to old to care anymore......

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well crap I can't run around in the buff...on the other hand if the camera saw me in the buff it could save you by breaking the camera...just thinking out loud...lol

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Wish I had known about this 'zoomer' when my daughter first started college.I'd have zoomed right into that dorm, day & night.Too late now, but she turned out quite nicely without my zooming interference.

If it zooms my way it will probably just catch me on the couch with a cat or two snuggled up.

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Now you've got everyone believing there's real time video and pics going online! :) People have to realize that what you're seeing through those cyber sites is stuff that's been previously posted when a house was put on the market. Nobody's sitting outside your windows with a digital uploading real-time photos of what's going on at your home 24-7! Of course, if you have a web cam and am streaming real time, then you HAVE to know that's accessible! Even google earth is only as recent and clear as is the satellite uploading the data. For my little town, you can't really zoom in closer than street level; not real clear images of the yards and stuff. Different story if you live downtown NYC, I am sure, but is that really where you live? As far as the sales data, just remember, if it's public record, you're going to be able to find it online.


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I've seem some very funny photos there and some in real life too.

I would never post anything about anyone. I have read where most HR managers search potential employees to see what turns up on them. Kids are notorious for having dopey things posted with their names on it.

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On all accounts.

The picture of my house is before our closing and the house wasn't even completed yet. No shrubs, no neighbors, etc. It's almost 11 years old. Our middle son's house picture is from about 3 years ago when they bought it. It's an older home.

People in Walmart...... arg...... I don't go anywhere without being 'fixed up' but we go to Walmart almost every evening and just walk. I am so shocked at the number of people in their jammies and fuzzy slippers at 6 p.m. or people who...... Oh I'd better hush! I got a church lady really mad at me for saying the people who go to Walmart late at night SCARE ME! (Actually I added that the number of TEETH in Walmart that particular night could have been counted on my fingers and toes) [Insert smilie of saint right here]

Whoops! The boys need me to help with some work on the car. They need somebody to blame. LOLOL !

(NOT a redneck but a GRITS)

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While I have to admit I have seen some of those pictures of the people of Wal-mart, I think we could have left it at that. There are many reasons people loose their teeth, and are unable to replace them, like a money issue..... There are reasons some people are obese as well, steroids for one, as well as other medical conditions......

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The best part about "Google Earth", etc., is for all those that
would like to see what their getaway route will be, when they
rob your home after finding out on your web blog, that you'll
be out of town for a week.

The Internet is nothing more than one big "party line"..... except
everything you post anyplace, sits in an archive on a server
someplace, forever.

I've found data I've typed in 1995, easily read today.

What you type does not go from your machine to the machine
you're typing it to. What you type is being transferred from one
server to another, with more "hops" than you dream, and each
server stores the data, as it transfers it.

Open a "command" window, and type in:
tracert csn.cancer.org
and see how many machines your data is going through. Each IP
address (those numbers like 111.22.333.444) are each a server;
a computer that is storing data before it passes it to the next server.
Some servers archive the data.... And that data can continue to
be accessed.

Email? yup. Bank data? yup. Pictures? yup. Voice? yup.
Ya'see... everything you send, is data, and it all travels on the
same stream; it goes from one place to another by being transferred
in the manner above.

It isn't a matter of "if you didn't do anything", it's a matter of
privacy and your absolute right to it.

Unfortunately, on the Internet, you give away that right, just as
you do when you welcome those street cameras, and accept the
raiding of homes by SWAT teams.

Aren't you glad you asked?


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