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cancer survivor x 4
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Good Morning,
what are the specific symptoms of anal cancer? Thank-You

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The symptoms vary from person to person. I only had very infrequent minor bleeding, nothing else. But from all I've read and heard the symptoms can be:
- bleeding
- constipation
- change in bowel movement
- bloating
- pain
- fatigue

Again, it varies for each person.

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Liz has given a great list of the symptoms of anal cancer. I would like to add a few more:

1) Narrowing of stools
2) Mucous discharge
3) Intense anal itching/burning
4) A feeling of never getting completely emptied out after a BM

I had all of the above, including occasional bleeding, chronic constipation and abdominal bloating. I may have repeated some of those already given by Liz.

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Mine started out feeling like I pulled a muscle in my butt cheek :). Boyfriend said maybe you pulled a muscle doing Pilates. Made sense, til it wouldn't go away and started keeping me awake at night.....then symptoms similar to above!!

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